Slow down or speed up part physics for slow-motion and time-control effects

I’ve tried to do this before multiple times but it’s quite difficult and even if I get something close to it, the part seems to move in a different way than normal. This would be awesome, you could create a game in which you totally control time.

If it can’t be done for each part, Workspace.PhysicsSpeed would be fine although it wouldn’t be possible to keep the character’s physics normal.


Maybe something like workspace.TimeScale that default to 1 instead.
I agree this would be tremendously cool but I doubt it would be technically easy to implement


part by part probably hard

whole workspace? I don’t think so, but perhaps with distributed physics it would be

The time dilation effect would be indeed very cool, but the physics engine and networking make too many assumptions based on the currently hard coded physics time step. It’s not impossible, but the demand for this feature would have to be much bigger.


Im trying to make a game like superhot, but roblox doesnt have slow-motion/slow-time/bullet-time effects, so its really hard to try to implement something like this, i basically have to lower gravity, which isnt ideal considering thats not how slow time works, then slow all the characters playing animations speed then restore the speed back after the slow time is up. I like how unity does it, they have a global time value from 0 to 1, 0 being stopped and 1 being normal, something like that in roblox would be good, so like a property of workspace