Slow graphics processing in latest versions

I have a transition function that works fine in Roblox Player:

But I noticed that recently something was changed in Studio, because the same function is slower when executed in Studio:

A private message is associated with this bug report

A private message is associated with this bug report

Does this have anything to do with Studio stopped rendering objects slightly further away?

Hello, do you have a repro for this case? It would be good to see the script code to make sure it takes into account variable frame rate.

It is sent in PM, as stated in the OP.

Do you know who the PM is sent to? Cause I don’t have access to it

Weird that you’re from support but don’t have access to the support PM…


In any case, I sent the file directly to you.

To clarify a lot of Roblox employees have access to the forum with the “Roblox Staff” title and the Roblox logo. This does not mean however that everyone is support. Most, if not all, regular programmers have access to the dev forums to interact with the community and help out where possible.

But only a very limited group of people has access to private messages by default, the vast majority of Roblox employees do not have access to private messages you attach to this forum. This keeps information confidential for people submitting messages. The small set of people with access then investigate the ticket and figure out who needs access to the information to help address the issue. Only those additional people will be provided information on a need to know basis.

I just stumbled across this issue and thought “That’s interesting”, so I replied. If I hadn’t then after some time (a couple hours) one of the people with access would have evaluated the ticket and involved other people to fix, only then would they have access.

I hope this clarifies the steps in the process.


For visibility, I have looked at the script code and it does not seem to take delta time into account, therefore the animation is dependent purely on update rate (frame rate or simulation update rate), which causes these type of issues.

I will consider this issue ‘resolved’ as there doesn’t seem to be a specific issue with Roblox that is causing this, but it is a script issue.

Thanks, but I’m not asking for help with my script.
I opened this bug report because this script is 2 years old and has always had the same speed in both Studio and Player.
But Studio is currently experiencing this slow performance, and I think it’s because of some graphical glitch.

It’s likely just your studio is running slightly slower in framerate compared to those years ago and thus the animation is transitioning slower. This could either be to your computer running slightly slower, or Studio updates impacting performance. You can fix the issue by tying the speed to the delta frame time.

local speed = delta * animation_speed

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I understand that your script used to work, but for some reason your frame rate is now slightly different in Roblox Studio under your specific instance on your specific machine. As @ZacAttackk also points out there are various things that can make software run faster/slower at any given point.

I have looked to see if there was any performance issue I could tell off hand, but didn’t find it. FWIW attached is a video captured on my machine, where it still runs at speed:

In general though games deal with this kind of performance fluctuation by not doing constant update rate but, again as @ZacAttackk also pointed out, accounting for the frame rate in the animation. And I would really recommend going down that path.

I understand that this is frustrating, but also realize that if you were to use your script on any other machine than yours they could see similar problems, the animation could go slower (on weaker machine) or faster on stronger machines. Once you incorporate the delta time in the update it will look consistent on all machines, disregarding their frame/update rates.

I hope this helps.

@TigerRabbit2 @ZacAttackk

My function already has delta time to control FPS, and the circle transition is programmed to run in 0.5 seconds.
Again, it’s working smooth in Roblox Player and should be the same in Studio, but as I’ve said before, Studio recently became slower and is not able to process the animation in 0.5 seconds, as it always has for years.
That’s why I opened a #bug-reports:studio-bugs and not a #help-and-feedback:scripting-support.

I sent the project out of habit as a PM, but I don’t see any problem leaving it here for anyone who wants to test it (comparing Player with Studio):
Baseplate.rbxl (48.2 KB)

I just wanted to bring up that I recall you making a thread recently about Studio cutting off your render distance and the issue being related to the graphics setting studio was selecting for you.

I would recommend you review your system for issues with your hardware, drivers, etc. Seems like something has changed for you recently.

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Although I closed that thread (Studio stopped rendering objects slightly further away), I still got a PM from @iiostream who said he would be looking into this further, which indicates that yes, there has been a recent graphics issue in Studio.
Regardless, nothing has changed recently on my computer and besides, the question is the following: if the function runs at a speed in the Player, it should run at the same speed in Studio, as it always has (repeating once again what I already said before).


I tested the file provided and I’m not seeing any slow transition

I was going to bring this bug up at first, but as I just tested the file you provided I realized I’m no longer experiencing framerate issues in Roblox Studio so this bug MIGHT already be fixed.

There is a bug report about how Roblox Studio is experiencing FPS instability: Framerate is unstable & fluctuating during play-testing in studio

Thanks for the video.
Your Studio is actually managing to run the animation at the official speed (0.5) seconds.
In this way, it is certainly something in my Studio, which I still haven’t been able to identify.
I’ve even tested changing to all the options below, but nothing has changed, it’s still slow:

That’s my current Studio version:

I did the test on another login on my current computer and the result is still slow.
However, I tested the same project on another Windows 10 (VMware) and there it is working at the correct speed (0.5 seconds).
Which leads me to believe that @PeZsmistic is right, it’s probably a graphics driver problem on my machine.
In this way, I will close this topic, because in fact it is not a bug in Studio.
Thank you all for the support.


Do you have any remote desktop software like Citrix, or other software creating alternative graphics devices? Just a shot in the dark, I had an issue with a particular version of Citrix affecting some games. Otherwise you could look out for thermal throttling, incorrect clock speed on components, outdated drivers, etc. Good luck. :woman_shrugging:

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I discovered the problem, and it refers to the new Intuitive Debugger recently imposed as the official debugger, replacing the old one:

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