Smart Animations - Animating Movement


Animations that change your position

Have you ever wanted to make a animation with the movement in the animation or you simply hate having to animate everything in place for simple things like vaulting a ledge or a quick dash/roll and then scripting the movement manually or maybe you just simply find it too complicated to do those things. I did and thus I present the concept of smart animations.

Video Overview


What does it do?

  • Automate/Move your actual character in the world when an animation plays
  • Come with simple to adjust built-in settings to ignore walls/gravity or work with world physics

What do I need for it?

How do I use it?


  • Version 1.0.1 Module-Fix
    • Fixed an issue with the frame sorter that would occasionally cause animations to clip back for some frames, due to playing out of sync/order.
  • Version 1.0.2 Module-Update
    • Added a :pause feature to visual animation
    • Tweaked the client-sided code to make visual animations run through collisions more smoothly on the client
    • Fixed the issue of being able to play the animation track over itself. Should no longer play over itself if already playing (aiming to restart the whole animation track instead in the future like normal animations)
  • Version 1.0.3 Module-Update
    • Added a parameter for physical animations called power to increase the distance of a animation without having to change it
    • Added better simulated gravity to physical animations
  • Version 1.0.4 Module-Fix
    • Added collision detection/raycasting to physical animations to remove the potential clipping through walls during high speed movements

Man I LOVE THIS, I already have made vaulting and stuff like that but honestly I always find tedious to do animations and do scripts to make the animation movement translate in the game, this sure helps a lot to save up some time, this must be one of my favorites modules ngl, pretty good job mate!


Would be useful in the future for animating, so thanks for sharing this!


Awesome work! Although, it’d be much more practical if you implemented events for animationTrack.Ended, animationTrack.KeyframeReached, animationTrack:GetMarkerReachedSignal ect


Root motion, this is something that should be in Roblox by default, great job.


I get these errors.
18:42:17.504 Animation failed to load, assetId: - Server - Smart_Animation:58
18:42:17.504 Stack Begin - Studio
18:42:17.504 Script ‘Workspace.Dummie.Smart_Animation.Smart_Animation’, Line 58 - function Check - Studio - Smart_Animation:58
18:42:17.504 Script ‘Workspace.Dummie.Smart_Animation.Smart_Animation’, Line 90 - function Create - Studio - Smart_Animation:90
18:42:17.504 Script ‘Workspace.Dummie.Smart_Animation’, Line 4 - Studio - Smart_Animation:4
18:42:17.504 Stack End - Studio

Does this only work for R15 or it works for R6 too?

Should work on both. It looks like your error came from the animation not loading, but I could be wrong.

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