SmartBone 2 - Simulated Physics and Collision solution for Bones

Smartbone Editor Plugin

You can now purchase the plugin via this place:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed constraints being updated with wrong delta time
  • Class.Running is now set to false when .Stop() is called
  • Fixed tailbones not being created if a non-bone child existed
  • Fixed bones not following welds in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug related to anchors rotate


  • Changed Sin wind to sample multiple octaves of sine waves
  • Added object based velocity wind, the faster the object the higher the frequency of wind.
  • Objects are now checked to see if they are a descendant of workspace
  • Rigid welds now force a bones rotation
  • Wind is now based on velocity, walking into the wind increases the wind speed and walking with the wind decreases wind speed.


  • Various optimizations around the codebase related to math.min and math.max
  • Added a config value to the config related to the frequency at which frustum checks are done (FRUSTUM_FREQ)
  • Debug profiling is now removed on release builds for increased performance
  • Minor optimization for axis constraints


  • Changed debug overlay to respect ALLOW_LIVE_GAME_DEBUG
  • Fixed profiling warning in m_CleanColliders
  • Renamed FirstSkipUpdate to IsSkippingUpdates in Bone and BoneTree
  • Fixed formatting in README and added a link to the trello


There is a bug in v0.4.0 which may cause your rigs to deform incorrectly, if you run into this issue then switch back to v0.3.1 for the time being until I am able to fix it and release the next version. I sincerely apologise for the inconviencence this may cause.