Smokiez Restaurant | Official Rules

These rules were put in place to ensure everyone apart of the Smokiez community is safe and having fun. Anyone who chooses not to abide by these rules will face the consequences. Thank you!

  1. RESPECT - Everyone apart of the Smokiez community should respect one another. Disrespect towards any member of the community staff or customer will not be tolerated and will lead to further consequences. (This includes talking about someones religion, race, sexuality, and e.c.t.)

  2. PROFESSIONALISM - Here at Smokiez we expect everyone to act accordingly and professional, especially our staff. We do not tolerate immature and negative behavior.

  3. INAPPROPRIATENESS - Please do not use inappropriate language or do inappropriate things while apart of the Smokiez community. If any kind of inappropriate actions goes on you will face further consequences.

Main Group
Thank you for your time!
- Smokiez Restaurant’s Executive Team

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