Smooth Shading for CSG V2

As a developer who has made most of my profit from trains with smooth, beautiful fronts made using CSG v1, it is heartbreaking to learn that CSG v1 has been deprecated. I tried to negate a part to perform a union this evening and the part just disappeared when I negated it with v1 mode on.

All I ask is that roblox supports smooth shading for CSG v2 or else all the fronts of my trains will show all the lines from union negations and be extremely ugly. I still want to be able to model in Roblox but I NEED the shading for unions to be smooth like they were with CSG v1.

CSG v1 shading

UGLY CSG v2 shading

I cannot continue if V2 is not upgraded to smooth shade unions like v1 did. I beg the engineers to look into this.

Thank you for your time.

A concerned transport developer


This is probably just a normal mapping problem.
(cc @linearcomplex @zeuxcg)

EDIT: looks like someone has brought this to their attention already.


We have finished implementing this smooth shading feature for CSGv2 parts. We are interested in testing more before releasing. @BuildIntoTrains @Supersnel11, appreciated if you can share your CSGv2 part(s) with sharp edges (one of Supersnel11’s trains has been tested).


Hello! How would you like us to go about sharing these models? Through DM?

could you share them with me through private messages?