[SNEAK PEAK] The next 5 figures for my strategy game [FEEDBACK?]

For those of you following, I’ve been making figures and assets for my upcoming strategy tabletop game - Psionic Duel.
I posted a showcase of the first 5 characters and the map for the game, as well as one of the many abilities I’ve been making for the game.

I’m now proud to announce that I’ve finished the next 5 character renders!!! Let me know what you think!

Karate master - Uncommon

Reaper - rare

Toxic wolf - Rare

Alien - uncommon-rare

gun slinger - rare

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m making the game solo so it’ll be a while before its released (for a start i have to make around 745 more characters, although not all for the first release).

Also if you have feedback about the lighting please withhold it. These are only viewing-purpose renders and I won’t be using them for anything other than that.

Once they’re exported I plan to add some still vfx or particles to make them more dynamic

I still don’t have any names for them so any suggestions will be great! However, I have come up with a name for the Toxic Wolf “Aconite”

A clever play on words since aconite is another word for wolfsbane. Bane means poison and wolf means…well wolf.

Let me know which is your favourite out of these 5!!!
  • Karate master
  • Reaper
  • Aconite
  • Gunslinger
  • Alien

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I’ll be bumping the post soon with a show of a hit effect I made for the toxic wolf, as well as particles I add when I add them to studio


The “Aconite” is the same as toxic wolf right?

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really cool models and renders! I would say this is a type of clash royale or Yu-Gi-Oh game? either way it looks super cool!!

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Something about the Karate Masters head seems a bit off, maybe the flatness on the top of his head?

It’s just that angle - he has a headband on.