SnippetPlugin - create your own snippets

Hello fellow devs

Today I want to showcase a little project that me and @LolLiePopcorn648 a while back.

The Snippets plugin!

This plugin allows you to write your own shortcuts (snippets) so you can code faster. You can write a bunch of code in under a few seconds by just writing a given prefix/keyword.

Here is the link to the plugin:

Here is showcase of the plugin:

(Execution is removed for a while)

IMPORTANT INFO: Once you make a snippet and write it down you have to press either backspace or 4 spaces after the prefix to execute it

DISCLAIMER: The plugin does not require the new service, it works with only basic string functions. I got a version for the new service which will be published once its out of beta


Time saving plugin! I recommend it.

this is awesome, very helpful for saving time to type out longer strings :+1:

Personally, I use VSCode and I have a ton of snippets. So I think it would be a good idea to add feature where it will let you categorize your snippets.

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awesome plugin ------------------

Nice plugin. I got an issue where I can’t make a snippet even though I already written some code in the script created by the plugin.

Just to let you know, I get this error while typing anything in any script…
Is this plugin still maintain? I understand if it isn’t.

This plugin is out dated, there are better alternatives

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