Snippets! - Autocomplete Plugin

As you saw there are some new and cool plugins coming out and now I wanna release mine!

This will be my first official release of a plugin on the forums and I hope someone finds it useful.


  • Insert a Script into ServerStorage.Snippet_Templates open the script and add whatever code you like, the snippet should be immediately available.

  • There is a toggle button in the Plugin toolbar to turn it on and off.
    (It will always start disabled.)

What are the differences between my plugin and the others?

  • One special feature that I’m glad to have working is autocomplete suggestions will not display until you write a keyword in the script.

Once you enter snip it’ll start suggesting autocomplete snippets!

Why do I think this feature is special? Well the main reason is that I can easily forsee some plugins causing major clutter once you start really integrating these snippets into your daily tasks.

So this will allow you to have as many snippets as you like without having to worry about scrolling through them when looking for autocomplete suggestions.

The plugins code can be better but I think this is as good as it can get until I do a full re-write.

This is a very barebones plugin.

Special thanks to 3gData and his plugin LuaUtils as I have used some functions from there.



Thanks for crediting! That string-position function was tricky.

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I nearly gave up entirely until I realized you had the solution I was looking for.
You’re basically the savior of this plugin lol.

Hahahaha lol, it took my hours of frustration to figure it out! Though there is still some flaws in it, it works, for the most part.

Yeah, it’s alot better than what I’ve been trying to do.
I’m surprised they didn’t give any details about the textEdit stuff in their docs.

Yeah right, it was quite hard to figure out at first.

Def, still annoyed how they don’t have a method for getting callbacks so you can’t safely deregister.
Because if you try to deregister something that doesn’t exist it errors and we can’t check if it exists bc there’s no GetAutocompleteCallback or something of the like.

What i did was simply wrap deregister in a pcall. Worked for me.
Currently in the process of rewriting my entire plugin

I used xpcall since I wanted to avoid making a new function every time it ran.
Prob should rewrite mine aswell, I have some ideas to make it more organized.

Very useful plugin! Good work.