Snowy Island Showcase!

I’ve been working on this showcase for nearly a week, and I finally finished it today! It’s a build I made for the winter season. You can also donate in the game if you want to.

Game link:



Looks very simple, it could use more minor details. Maybe add some snow particles, and add a snow man and just small details like that.


It doesn’t look that detailed, it looks very small and it looks like it didn’t take a while to make. Honestly if I joined this game I would leave after a minute.

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Haven’t we seen this? It looks familiar.

I’ve made other posts about this asking for feedback.

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To be completely honest it’s way too small for a showcase. There should be a lot more houses, different types of foliage, and more cliffs. Why not add some snowmen and candy canes.

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For now, I’m just gonna add more minor details to this.

I see you’re going for a blocky style, nice.

I have to say that the build is too small, if you want it to be miniature then maybe add more stuff, maybe rocks, sleds, a snowman.

By small I mean not by the size, but the amount of detail.
Just look how detailed this snowglobe is.image

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Added a snowman

It looks meh to be honest. Add more detail like snowy bushes and a coffe table with some cups and a chimney with smoke coming out and a fire place and stuff. And make the lights emmit from a lamp, it looks weird with one lamp but you can see other lights everywhere.


Looks great, could be a bit bigger, and the inside of the house could possibly have a fire place or wood stove maybe? Good work!

Nice to see that you made it more colourful by changing the colour of the room. Great job! A solid 9/10 from me, as it is a little bit small. Apart from that, very simple and cartoony. :cool:

It’s way too blocky and minimal for a showcase. I know you’re going for that vibe but, if you’re trying to do a showcase, make it way more high-effort like other ones.