Snowy tree design: Good or bad? NEW LOOK

so I thought this was the end of this thread. Apparently not. New snowy tree. Simple and decent snowy tree… Here’s the screenshots:


Please reply with your honest feedback.


It’s a good start but my concern is that the spheres that you use as the leaves of the trees are not realistic enough.

This Doesn’t have enough detail in my opinion.

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I agree with @x5tb , it could have a bit more detail, i know you said you want it minimalistic, but a bit more spheres would be good for the model.

As you can see here, The leafs and snow don’t look right like this, I suggest figuring some other way to do this.

Good luck, x5tb :slight_smile:

Alright my dude, I will find a way to fix this.

Ima add a few small details here and there in the next one like using negative parts and unions.

First of all, I would be more professional than this if I were you. People will not want to help you and give you suggestions if that’s how you’re going to act.

I can’t vote on the pole, maybe because you closed it, but I would say it has too little detail. I love the simplicity of your tree. I would add more snow around the ball since it seemed like it only “lightly” snowed. Maybe add one or two more little branches as well. You could also put snow on the branches too. Not all tree only have their leaves snow.

Also rotate the leaves on the tree. Not everything is perfectly aligned and straight.

Hope my advice helps!

You should make it to where the snow isn’t just on top of the tree, it looks odd and unnatural that way. I’d suggest adding snow hanging off from the tree, or just change the leaves all to a snowy color.

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I literally answered your question in regards to this yesterday. You just didn’t implement the suggestion. I have the same feedback as yesterday.

Here’s the same thing I told you yesterday, but applied to a tree

Additionally, the polls you add to your posts are useless, I suggest not using them. Going forward, allow us to give open ended feedback which is much more qualitative.

If you need help with making quality threads that are looking for feedback, check here:

I know what you said. I suggested that you add more snow. Your tree isn’t realistic at all. Realistic trees are trees like this:

I did pay attention. I don’t skip over what anybody says. Adding more branches and more snow is simple, and it leaves the tree more decent. When I say rotate the leaves, it makes it more like a tree. It’s still simple, but perfect, artificial trees, are not what people are attracted to.

Unless you are making an evergreen, trees in the winter have no leaves whatsoever.

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The thing I made in a minute is far from “realistic.” Additionally, if you don’t agree with what someone says, don’t attack them with “maybe you should pay attention” as that’s absolutely not appropriate for the forum and further comments like that will get you flagged. We’re here to offer feedback, which is what I did.

You don’t need votes to listen to feedback, you just read what feedback people are offering. Having us have to vote again after you make improvements is a waste of everyone’s time. Also if you’re replying to someone, do so in a single post.

Snarky reply aside, you’re technically right, but following what players expect to visually see avoids cognitive dissonance (and breaking immersion), and maybe artists would suggest using it as a basis for design.


To me, I rather make a pine tree or other kind of tree instead of sphere-shape tree.
I suggest you to use Blender 2.8 to model trees because the results is better than Roblox Studio’s.

You could probably 3d model the leaves to make it more realistic looking.

I’m skeptical of blender so I don’t use it.

The tree looks really off. If your doing it in Roblox Studio why not do high poly and just union it?
Blender is great if you do know how to use it, sadly I don’t know how to use it.

I don’t even know how to do low poly.

the easiest way you could improve is by going into blender, removing the starter cube with X.
Go into edit mode by clicking tab, press ctrl+A. Then place an uv or ico sphere. Then select all by pressing A. Then you can press S+ X, Y or Z to scale it how you want it.

Pretty cool except for the leaves of the trees, they are just spheres textured as grass. Adding a little more realism into it will make it a whole lot better.