Softlock when player canceling a purchase for at Store on PS4/PS5/Xbox if the player does not have Robux on his account

When canceling a purchase for Robux, by pressing the B(Xbox) /Square(PS5) button in the Store, a Softlock occurs. Reproduced only if the player does not have Robux on the Roblox account.
We reproduce this bug at ⚽ Super Striker League 🎃 - Roblox and Playgrounds Basketball - Roblox also.

Platform: PS4, PS 5, Xbox
Repro Frequency: 100%
Reproduction Steps:
0. Make sure that player has no Robux on his account

  1. Launch the game on Xbox/PS5
  2. Open the Store
  3. Start buying for Robux
  4. Cancel the purchase by pressing B(Xbox)/Square(PS5)
  5. Pay attention that a Softlock has occurred

Expected behavior

Softlock does not occur when canceling a purchase for Robux in the Store

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