Solasta Hotels Guest Warning Systems And Disciplinary Procedures

Solasta Hotels Disciplinary Systems

Here at Solasta Hotels, we have a warning system for all staff to use. When a guest is trolling, we give them one warning. Once a guest reaches three warnings, we call security and have them cuff the nuisance. We then request for a MR/HR to join the server via the group wall. Please be sure your profile is set so that anyone can join you. When a guest is exploiting, spamming, or bypassing the filter, we do not give warnings. We instantly have security cuff them and call for a MR/HR. Be sure that if they exploited, spammed, or bypassed the filter, you have proof. We cannot do anything to them if we do not have proof. If they were kicked three times, you are allowed to report them for major trolling and request a ban.

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