Solution to utilizing ROBLOX Normal Maps on Blender?


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After looking at a few topics about normal maps, I’m just wondering if there’s any way to get the pre-compressed normal maps from ROBLOX. For now I’m just using DejaVu_Loop’s solution to create results to a certain extent. mat


I switched from blender to c4d because it is a lot easier. Have you ever tried C4d yet?


If you are meaning you want to get the texture files:

You should be able to get all the texture files from Roaming/Local/Roblox/Versions/version-#####/PlatformContent/pc/textures.

They are in the .dds format, however using a converter you can convert them to a format like PNG that you can use in your 3D software.

@CheetahSp33d C4D is quite expensive, though.


Oof, that thread wasn’t as much of a discussion as it was me embarassing myself two years ago.

@EmeraldSlash I believe OP’s issue is that Roblox uses orange-colored normal maps that are incompatible with programs like Blender, which uses blue normal maps. He wants to know if Roblox has blue (uncompressed) variants of the game’s normal maps which he could use.

I personally think DejaVu_Loop’s method (converting orange to blue) is fine for OP though. It might put a dent in precision but the gist of the map still looks decent. Even if it converted it perfectly, a 1024p normal map can’t really provide that much detail up close.

If you want to spice up your renders i highly recommend ditching Roblox materials and getting some PBR textures online. currently provides 8 different brick materials, all PBR ready and up to 10k in resolution. Plus, tthey all have a CC0 license!