[SOLVED✓]Hats Wont Render In Blender

Hello! I Have Been Facing A error I Think In Blender
When I Render It It Deletes The Hat
Here Is The Saved Image

as you can see it deletes a part of my hats how do i fix it?
If Facing Same Problem We Will Be Sure To tell If Solution Is Here!

Do you mean that the hats are rendering transparent / translucent? I can see that the hats for the characters on the left aren’t rendered properly. Try this:

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Hm try attaching the Hat to the head maybe that will help?

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Yes this is the proper solution for the problem, let me add some information on what is actually happening:

As you can see in the image below the color channel of the image texture is connected to the alpha channel. The alpha channel is where you input an alpha map - The alpha channel is used for determining which part of the material is opaque or transparent.

In this case the color texture for your character is being used as an alpha map, meaning every value of color might either be in the range of fully opaque or fully transparent. (can be seen in the second image).



But now the hats texture is not the texture it needs to be

The hats texture is not what it needs to be

Okay, Can you send the image you see and the image of your shader editor for the hat? let me see if I can help with that.

Try re-importing the hat texture for each hat, you should be able to find the textures in the folder that you exported your character into.

Not sure if this may be the issue as well, sometimes the textures can spaz out in Material View or Solid View but look normal in Rendered View. Test out what your scene looks liked in Rendered View first.

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i have a problem i deleted it and its still translucent

here is the node

here is the render

here is the node