Some characters' body parts are rendering invisible

Reproduction Steps
Unknown. It happens randomly.

This bug was already reported here, but was marked as resolved and closed, although it is still happening again. The post should be revisited again for all the details.

One of the comments of the topic mentioned that it happens when you weld a tool when the character spawns. However, it seems more general than that, as it has also happened with characters with no tools in my game according to the community.

Many people in my group are complaining about the bug, as the context of my game requires to see killers, who are sometimes invisible.

The game is here: Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!! - Roblox

Expected Behavior
All characters’ body parts should load and be visible.

Actual Behavior
Sometimes, some, or all body parts are invisible. This visual bug is critical in the context of my game, as the characters for who it is happening are killers, and they can therefore kill the players without even being visible.

Here are a few examples grabbed from the community:

Fully invisible (worst case):

Here, killers are breaking the planks without being visible:

Partially invisible:

Uploading: Bug4.png…

In addition, some people in the community told me the bug also happens in some other games. Here are more examples:

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
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Ive noticed this with my friend but not with body parts he said he couldnt see one of the meshes i made even though it went through moderation weird.

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I have been noticing this issue as well happening recently, for me it only really stops rendering while loading new animations, atleast, thats what my testing has brought up.

Not sure if theres any workaround for the issue for the time being sadly, but i would like to know, as its very noticeable to me and my friends


It also happens (to me) in town yes that’s the game name


I’ve noticed that it happens whenever meshes are added to a character.


Its kinda humanoid bug. Humanoid changes meshes. I dont really know but it modifies many things.


Hello, thank you for reporting the issue, we are investigating. Can you share your place with us so we can take a look? It will help us move faster :slight_smile:


As I wrote, the game is the following: Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51 !!! - Roblox
According to player reports, the bug happens mostly in Classic mode and Juggernaut mode for the most part.

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i can second this bug, it happens whenever something gets welded to something containing a humanoid.

I’ve also seen it happen with humanoid parts being just anchored; Reported about it here

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We have disabled a new feature flag that we suspect to have been causing the issue. We were not yet able to reproduce it locally, the flag change should take about 5-10 minutes to propagate.

Thank you for your patience. Please keep us updated if possible.


Thanks, I will do testings with the community.


One of the players I got in contact with, for who the bug was always happening, said that it does not seem to happen anymore after some first testings. I will confirm tomorrow if I am not receiving more reports.


Great! thank you for following up


Could this be related to StreamingEnabled? I noticed whenever characters sit in models, they flash with a low quality mesh, then immediately go back to the normal model. Not sure if this is intended behaviour with StreamingEnabled but it could be related…?

Since the change that could have fixed it, there has been some reports at the beginning on my group wall about the bug. That being said, I am not sure the posters experienced the bug just before posting or if they waited before posting. I messaged people having the issue often and they told me it no longer happens. It could have been fixed.

Nevermind, I just received another report from one of the person who said it was fixed, but it happened again… The legs and the tool did not render.


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I can confirm that this issue is still occuring; just had this happen to me during a studio play test session.

Thank you for following up - we will continue investigating. Do you have an idea on how often it happens? It appears this is a different issue than what was reported in the past so any additional information will be great

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It also appears that in this screenshot - all the visible characters have a similar issue showing - was it true to all humanoids in that session? If you can share anymore info in private ticket (the one that is attached to this thread will be good to send it in) that will be helpful :slight_smile:

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