Some experience descriptions cannot be updated

The issue

On seemingly random experiences, the description cannot be updated.

Here’s the issue shown in two screenshots:

In the first screenshot, you can see the new and updated description.

In the second screenshot, it shows that the new description is not applied at all. Despite this, however, if I go back to the configure place page, the new description has seemingly saved.

This has happened in the past, but I seem to be having it on multiple occasions.


  • Go to the affected place (again, seemingly random)
  • Press the three dots > Configure Place
  • Update the description
  • Press save
  • The new description will not apply. If you configure again, you can see that the new description is in the configure description page.


Additional Information

  • This issue has been a problem for me for about 4 or 5 months now, off the top of my head
  • This has affected me on multiple places
  • I have attempted to change the description on different devices and accounts; this is unrelated to my browser, cache, and device.

UPDATE: After sponsoring the project and gaining some active players, the description updated again. It could be possible that games that used to have players in the past, died, and then came back a bit could have issues updating the description, but that is only a theory.

Bear in mind that it just recently updated the description, beforehand it was stuck on the same one from 9/23/20.

Hi, thanks for the report! Can you confirm again that the issue has been resolved?

It’s resolved for me, it might not for other users though.

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