Some general questions about copyrights

  1. Imagine i have a well known game on Roblox, and a hacker stole some of my models in my game, and put it on toolbox so other people can use it, in worse cases using those models and make money out of it. Can I sue them because of this?

  2. In your opinion, why do some big games developers don’t take actions when their game’s models are stolen and being put on the toolbox?

  3. How would I able to register a copyright license so I could copyright my game and the models in it?

Thanks in advance.

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All u have to do is contact the roblox support. They are always there

A quick google search might be the answer to your inquiry:

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Thank for this post,now I understand a bit more about Copyright!

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No problem! Note that if you decide to copyright your project and legally protect it, it can be costly, ranging from $100+

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Wow 10/10 of answer. :neutral_face:

@Kostiskat I still don’t understand about how I would register a copyright license.

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That isn’t even the answer. All you have to do is what @daulric said: conatct Roblox Support. Click “DMCA” and explain the situation. Read more here:

Very similar process for non-clothing assets too.

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i never said click DMCA. I just said contact roblox support.

I think my answer is that if you guys could answer the 3 questions I said.

:roll_eyes: geez, I already gave you 2/3 of the answer.

  1. Yes, but it’s free to DMCA via Roblox Support
  2. Because they don’t know about them/are still trying to take action
  3. You don’t need to, Roblox has built-in copyright support (DMCA)
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Answer: Yes.

Answer: Big Roblox developers have absolutely taken action when others are making money off their models without permission.

Example: The game Piggy Smash got taken down by Minitoon because the developer was making money off the models he made without a license from Minitoon Inc. KonekoKitten explains the drama perfectly in his channel. Go check it out.

Answer: If you live in the US, go to the Official U.S. Copyright Office Website to register a copyright license.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile: