Some of NPC's parts aren't being animated

hi, so i have this mechanic that is just earthbound’s (a JRPG game) following system but the weird thing is some of the NPC’s (that are following the player) parts are not being animated and i was confused on why this happened. they’re all unanchored and they all have the right motor6ds.

also, below will be the gyazo link of the problem and a random script that follows the player (all NPCs have the normal Animate script):

gyazo link:

example script:

local NPC = script.Parent

local otherNPC = workspace:WaitForChild("otherNPC")
local NPCPos = otherNPC:WaitForChild("Torso")

while true do
	if (NPC.Torso.Position - NPCPos.Position).Magnitude > 4 then

Is it just locally to the player or across the server?

I was told that Motor6Ds were supposed to work fine for animations but a recent update may have messed with them a bit.

Hi, can you check what type of the script the characters Animate script is. This usually occurs because the animate script is a local script and therefore will not run.

the scripts are all server-sided and it’s across the server.

i don’t understand why, it was all working yesterday and now it just seems to be a mess.

here’s a more visual context of the problem:

Could you make a bug report for this with a repro place file? (How to post a Bug Report) Thanks!

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you sure it’s a bug report? i don’t understand how it could be, it could be a problem on my end

i just moved the important details of the NPCs to blank NPCs, i know it may not be a good idea to do and the problem will most likely happen again but just gonna check it out because it is back to normal when i moved it