Some projects i did

i love that ai car system, but some of them had too much close calls :cold_face:

i dont get it


the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

they’re doing their best :pensive:

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The planetary project reminded me of universe sandbox 2, it would be cool if someone remade something like that on roblox.

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Wow! All of these projects look very good!

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Do you by any chance do commissions? I am highly interested.

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unfortunately, i cannot take on commisions at the moment due to my tight schedule and my lack of confidence in delivering a good product. thank you

(maybe someday)

was thinking about that but i’d reckon it’d be to hard for me (currently the force is calculated in 2d and rendered in 3d)

thank you :grinning:

have some memes

The loading screen and procedural generation are really cool? If you don’t mind, can you send the source code for the generation? I’ve been really interested in seeing how that works.

sure, its rather kind of messy if you don’t mind

some info:
i used this for the fbm generation noisemap (modified):

also this topic is really helpful, thanks to 88Swagger88 i am able to render it as hexagons


No problem! Can I see the rbxl file, if you don’t mind? I’m just curious as to how this works in Roblox itself.

its made up of 2 modules, one is the noisemap, and the other is the renderer.

couldn’t really do that cause the place itself has a lot of irrelevant scripts, but i can give you the rbxm file.

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That’s completely understandable.

I do however have no doubt that you could supply a good product.

If you change your mind, let me know?

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I really appreciate your interest in my projects. at the moment, I’m still sticking with my decision, but if anything changes, I’ll definitely let you know. thanks for being cool about it

  • added bafp
  • added fps game

(these are old projects)

added marching squares, custom achievement gui, and floodfill
(old projects)

added an approximate time spent to each projects

You are an extremely talented developer. Keep it up!

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thank you! although I may be not as active, I will keep it up :ok_hand:

very cool projects :cold_face: :+1:

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  • added ant simulation :ant:!!! (uncopylocked place)