Some services can be cloned while others cannot

Written as per request of @1DiamondBor

Visual Aid:


System Info
Windows 11, GPU: Nvidia rtx 3060, CPU: 11th gen Intel i7

Beta Features:

  • aerodynamics
  • assistant preview
  • editableimage and editablemesh
  • face capture
  • grass length customization
  • live animation creator
  • material generator
  • material picker
  • multilayer wrap fix
  • new audio api
  • new base materials
  • simulation pause
  • uilistlayout flex features
  • updated roblox controls
  • video uploads

We have concluded that the services in the image are the ones that are affected by this issue

Expected behavior

I expect that no service can be cloned at all.


I’m honestly kinda surprised no one has ever noticed/reported this (as far as I know)

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Unable to replicate, only using updated roblox controls beta feature.

No services that I can find can be cloned, I used this janky script running through ScriptRunner to automate it for me:

for i,v in ipairs(game:GetChildren()) do
		print("Cloning "..v.Name)
		local asdf = v:Clone()
		asdf.Parent = game.Workspace.Folder

Trying to manually clone lighting, teams and soundservice through the command bar also threw the cannot be cloned error

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I might wanna add it only works if you use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
Myself and DiamondBor we’re both able to repro this

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Ok well THAT works for some reason. Absolutely can replicate that.

Edit: Trying to copy Players like this doesn’t seem to work, but it also doesn’t throw an error.
I’m curious how many hidden services can also be copied around like this and if their functionality still works.


you can rename services also

Good reason to use game:GetService instead of game.(ServiceName)

This is just an acknowledgment announcement!

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for flagging!

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Dug into the code for this, and looks like we’ve allowed cloning for these 3 services in particular to support old places that rely on this behavior. Going to mark this as “Won’t Fix” so we don’t break them, but thanks for reporting it!