Something broke our game

Since today our bike system has not worked in our game. The wheels are freaking out. I reverted to 2 weeks ago and it still has the same issue. So I’m assuming it’s Roblox. I have no idea how it’s happening. The game is called Motorush! We are rapidly losing players so this is a bit concerning!

Expected behavior

The game to be playable normally with no issues or flinging

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Apologies for the lack of detail but it’s completely broken the wheels are flying all over the place.

Experience link: [🏁RACE! ] MotoRush! 🏍️ - Roblox

I loaded a save from a month ago and it still doesn’t work so its definitely not our issue.

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Most likely, this is due to this change: Lower Minimum Part Density Rollout - #30 by m0bsterlobster

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THANK you for you pointing this out. It says you can opt-out. Do you know where we can opt-out?

Set workspace.DecreaseMinimumPartDensityMode to disabled


Oh my god bro you are a life saver. Thank you so much. I need to figure out how to fix this issue since they will make it mandatory soon!


Hi lonely_traveler,

Please keep in mind that this opt-out is a temporary fix since you won’t be able to opt-out starting August 5th - please reference the post to learn how you can find and fix the incorrect clamping :slight_smile: