Sort "best selling" by total revenue, not unit sales

I’d like to suggest the “best selling” sort on the catalogue be by total revenues of items, instead of unit numbers of items.

This change would increase the revenues of the platform (and reward higher quality / higher priced items, over the race to the bottom high volume / low profit items that are currently boosted). Especially given many of the “best selling” are simply items that were given out for free for extended periods…

The current system simply makes no sense, especially if Roblox wants to have the platform generate the maximum revenues.


that parts made me think about it (:roblox_light: should be more perfect* )
I guess there will be more “expensive stuff” on the catalog front page


Best selling means that it’s sold tons of times, not the price.

Yeah, but there’s a lot of common sense if we say that “paid objects are less obtainable than free items making them less purchased”.
Also “selling” means it’s sold, not “got by free”

on this, if best selling was by revenue, then high priced items with less total sales in a given period of time would be above lower-mid priced items that have more sales in the same period of time.

More sales = selling more, selling more than everything else = best selling

Selling things for free is still selling.
But it’d make sense if there were to be a category meant for “Best Free Selling” items


And thinking about it, this request sounds like it would be a “Top Earning” but for the catalogue

true I see your point, both approaches are somewhat weird in a way though

I wouldn’t call the “total revenue category” best selling then, better just calling it “Best Revenue”

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If you owned a store that sold computers… and your top unit was making 100k a month… BUT at the front of the store you also sold candies, which sold 10 times as many but made you 10 dollars, since they are only a penny a piece… would you tell people your “best selling item” is the candy? Or the computer bringing in 100k?

This comparison doesn’t really work in this case, the catalogue isn’t selling a specific type of item, it’s just selling a various assortment of items.

Yea, and also I guess semantics doesn’t matter… roblox should boost the items that make the most revenue for the company. It would be better for creators and for the platform and companies bottom line.

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The word “sell” does not refer to revenue generated… whenever that word is used it refers to the actual units like others have already brought up.

You don’t say I just sold 50 million dollars, you say “I made” 50 million dollars, you don’t sell it. That’s why there are terms like “Highest Grossing”. “Best Selling” is for units, “Highest Grossing” is for revenue.

So really, what you should be asking for, is a “Highest Grossing” sort or something of that nature. I think it’s really important to have a sort that is based off the units rather than the revenue it self (since that is what matters to users more anyways).

Although, and I think I might make a feature-request for this (and if it’s not like this already), the “Best Selling” sort should absolutely be done based off the price and units sold. By this I meant some sort of way to account for super cheap items selling off the shelves and expensive items performing just as well as a moderately-price or cheap item. The (super)cheap items obviously are going to sell at a much faster rate as more expensive items (because they’re cheap, duh.). But if a more expensive item is selling at an abnormal rate for its price-range and is performing really well, ratio wise (based off the price and how many units its selling) it should place higher since the work needed to generate that value was considerably more than the super-cheap item and thus is technically selling better relatively (if you normalize everything).

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The sort naming aside, I still see multiple issues.

While yes, it is ideal that Roblox should boost items that make them more money; it’s also worth noting that many users would still not be willing to pay for more expensive items (for example, I generally won’t buy a UGC accessory that costs more than 200 Robux).

As a result, encouraging these users to buy more expensive UGC in the ‘best selling’ sort would be a lost cause, basically making the sort useless to these subset of users which now see Roblox UGC as a more ‘expensive choice’.

Not to mention such system would be easily exploitable, UGC creators could sell their UGC at a higher-price point and appear on the best-selling sort, only to then massively lower their price and reap in the sales as their UGC will look a lot more appealing (from a price-point POV) in the best-selling sort which would otherwise be filled with higher priced items.