Sort by relevance and post age-restricted jobs on Talent Hub!

Hey Creators,

We are continuing to listen to your feedback on Talent Hub, and are excited to announce a few features that have come out recently!

Relevancy sorts

By default, all search results for Jobs and Creators are now ordered by relevance. This sort takes into consideration multiple signals from across the Roblox platform and bubbles up content that is more likely to be relevant for you. We recommend using this with the filters panel to maximize finding what you’re looking for! If you would like to use the previous sort, you can now also choose to order the results by newest first.

We are going to continually improve the relevance sort, so please give any thoughts or feedback in the comments below! If there was a search result you think should be higher or lower than it was, we’d love to know about it and what you were searching for. For example, we will be imminently making a change to ensure that Job Posts being pulled up to the top are being actively checked by Job Posters, and do not have many pending applications - this will increase the refresh rate of the first page, and help ensure that Jobs you apply for are more likely to still be actively hiring.

Age-restricted Job Posts

We know that depending on the nature of a Job, it may require a contractual agreement or need to adhere to local employment law for the Job Poster - in these cases, you may want to ensure that you’re only getting applicants who are at least 18 years old.

Because of this need, we have now added the option to mark your Job as 18+. By doing this, you can rest assured every applicant is age-verified by Roblox as 18 or older.

Job Seekers who do not fulfill this requirement will not be able to view the Job Post, or apply to it. For Job Seekers that do, they can filter their Job search to show 18+ Jobs only.

We are continuing to invest in Talent Hub, as we know how important and challenging finding good collaborators is. Please let us know about the issues you face today with Talent Hub, and we will continue adding and prioritizing these things into our roadmap.

Appreciate it as always,
Creator Hub team


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The wording on this topic is incredibly out of context really, but I understand.
It’s really nice to see that we’re getting further with talent hub’s limits and that it gets new features.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people will use this feature since I’ve seen a lot of users looking for developers who are mature and most of mature ones are precisely somewhere on that age range after 18.
Thanks Roblox.

In terms of feedback, TalentHub is incredibly hard to use due to the fact of how late the responses get or either that you don’t get a single response whatsoever.


this title really needs to be reworded


Maybe try naming it “Only for adults” or “Only adults” or “Age 18 and up” that should really help with this sounding better (I would recommend doing it in the talent hub too)


you should probably change that title

Good to see that relevance search is finally on the Talent Hub, what analytical data does this used to determine what to show the user? Also being able to restrict jobs to users that are only adults is probably a good idea as well to filter out people who probably cant legally work in their country


“Sort by relevance and post jobs that only those 18+ can apply!” would be a better title.

Honestly good change. Itll help out a lot with contractual agreements like stated in the post


Is there any chance that other ages may also be added as an option? Many companies provide contracts in collaboration with a parent (as a co-signer) to allow 16+ developers to still carry out work under some contracts (in countries where it is legal for such developer to work). Currently, the only way for these companies to ensure that applicants are 16+ is to manually ask each applicant or to set their job as 18+ (with this new feature), therefore locking off the 16-17 year old developers who may still be eligible.

I see the convienience yet low customisablity of this feature hurting younger developers who may be technically eligible for jobs yet not able to apply due to the company taking the ‘convienient option’ and increasing the minimum age just to fit in-line with this feature’s age requirement.


18+ filter is awesome!

One of the biggest complaints I got when I referred others on the forum was that they couldn’t find quality workers or jobs. This is a step in the right direction.


I think that could be multiple things, maybe with the job post itself. Or, human nature.

Often times IRL, I wouldn’t hear back from a job I applied to. For the Talent Hub, I think people forget to close the posts after finding someone or in general forget they made one.

I wonder, do job posts close after a certain amount of time? Maybe a month or two, not sure a good time-frame here. If there’s no expiration date thing, one should be added imo.


This sort takes into consideration multiple signals from across the Roblox platform and bubbles up content that is more likely to be relevant for you.

What exactly are you using to determine if a post is relevant to me? I fail to see how 3-month-old posts that don’t align with the skills specified on my creator page are the most relevant posts for me.

As Reditect was mentioning, I think job posts “expiring” would be a nice addition–at least if the poster doesn’t actively check them.

We will be imminently making a change to ensure that Job Posts being pulled up to the top are being actively checked by Job Posters, and do not have many pending applications

This could be really helpful, but I still don’t think relevant should be the default sort until it actually works.


Rare moment when a suggestion of mine is now a feature. Personally, I would never look for a job that isn’t 18+ but, at least there’s an option.

Whether or not they lie about the posting is still up in the air though. Not Roblox’s fault.

Cool addition!


Why only 18+? Let us filter by more ages, custom age input would be great. 13+, 16+, etc.


When reading applications to begin with, the list of them disappears when switching between tabs. Would be nice to see existing bugs be worked on, especially one like this which affects the user experience of actually using the Talent Hub. I’ve already listed the bug here.


I still don’t understand why Roblox phased out using the devforum for job posting. Switching to a home build platform full of bugs, malicious posts, and bad searching algorithms was very underwhelming and disappointing. Discourse (devforum software) worked mostly fine and does not have nearly as many bugs or issues as the talent hub has.


having custom age input like that is a huge safety risk for underage users. Having 13+ and 16+, it could be used to maliciously target underage developers. Only 18+ makes sense, there is a valid reason to know if a developer is 18+ and it’s to verify that the developer can sign contracts.


I would argue that our struggle to communicate professionally on the Talent Hub due to the chat filter still being applied when talking to potential clients severely restricts its potential. This is the leading cause for why within the first 10 messages, a party suggests to move the discussion off-platform (most commonly, Discord).

Discussing business appropriately and professionally just seems to difficult without having half the conversation turned into hashtags for no apparent reason. Good communication is the foundation of co-operation and a good working ecosystem. Until this is addressed, I don’t think the Talent Hub can be taken very seriously as a platform. Which saddens me deeply, as I would love to see the Talent Hub thrive and live up to its potential.


Aww… the title got changed before I could post the Archer clip. :sad:

All joking aside, this is… intriguing. Not sure if I’ll ever make use of it myself, but I’ll keep it in mind if I ever go looking for work in the Talent Hub.


Age-restricted Job Posts are a great feature to have, but can we please be able to post our own brand’s domain? If Roblox can’t trust someone over 13 to go to my own brand’s domain, or even over 18 now, that seems like a pretty silly restriction.


I’m super happy with this change!
Many developers look for team members who are over 18 for many reasons. Maturity, potential legal reasons? Who knows. Anyways, thanks Roblox!!