Sound Engine Broken - Choppy / Nonexistent Sounds

Bumping this thread because this has been an issue going on for the past couple of years and has only been getting worse for me. Gunshot audio cuts out layers randomly. Some times it’ll play the only the fire sounds, some times it’ll only player the mech and sub layer sounds, and sometimes it’ll only play the tail. Each gunshot plays 4 audio files. This same exact issue happens even if it’s only playing one sound at a time.


For some reason, this issue seems to be replicating once again. If possible, please look into it.

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I’m going to bump this thread myself even more. The rolling sounds of the coaches on many trains randomly become mute, as well as propulsion sounds on my locomotives. It’s ticking me off beyond belief because I have tried every route possible coding-wise and figured out it’s not the way I’m coding things.
To see how sounds are randomly muting all you need to do is spawn a train here and drive around for a bit NEC Pre-Release Feature Testing - Roblox


This issue seems to be reoccurring once again. Especially with audio uploaded through a group, and being used on that same groups place.

To replicate this, I pasted in new models from my other group games into my new group game, then some of the sounds stopped working on the new group game. (even if uploaded audio through the same group).


Yes, it is happening for us as well. Rolling sounds, or engine notches will randomly disappear for no reason. For example, you can hear all engine block notches idle-8 fine, however Notch 2 randomly vanishes later on. Then it comes back, and maybe Notch 4 goes, or a few cars lose their rolling sounds. It’s super strange, and I keep blaming something I did when in reality it’s just Roblox.

Hey all; we are investigating – if you are experiencing audio that cuts out spuriously, reproduction steps & videos help a ton. Please keep them coming!


The last couple of days our users have been reporting that our loops appear to be playing with a slight delay, causing our whole music/looping engine to be out of sync.

I will see if I can get you some reproduction steps with asset ids.

Edit: our issue is slightly different to this. There is an existing bug report for our issue here.

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Here is audio that is making a glitching sound from having the camera positioned in front of the moving sound source, vs behind the moving sound source. Sounds normal when the camera is behind the sound source and when the sound source is stationary. The sound part is parented to the moving base part of the train. We are using :SetNetworkOwner() for the entire train, and have the horn sounds attached to a server-side sound group in SoundService.

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Some horn loop sounds in my game all randomly disappear as well for everyone on the server at the same time.

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The sounds get messy in my game if there are more than 2-4 cars spawned. It gets extremely choppy for some reason.

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I’d also get this crackling sound in other games I made.

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Just want to add another problem I’ve noticed on both mine and other peoples games. It seems if there’s a load of the same sound in different parts but put together (a google example being door alarms on our trains in each coach), and they all get told to play, only one, or most of the time none at all plays.

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I need to bump this issue again. As shown here, with my output log visible, I am telling these sounds to play only once, shown by the printing in the output. However, the sounds are quite clearly glitching out here or being told to play more than once. This doesn’t happen on Studio in my testing place, and I believe is part of the issue:

The sounds continue to glitch like this occasionally well after this has happened.


This issue is back again in Ultimate Driving when you try to drive specific vehicles it just remains silent like it is an electrical engine. Hope this will be fixed soon and it happens sometimes in The Wild West.

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I have also been experiencing this issue in my Roblox game (Hakura Railway)
It has been occurring for about a month, With the exact same problem as the people above.
(Sounds suddenly disappearing, Being choppy and laggy, and the beginning part of the sound not playing)
I wonder if this issue is related to sounds played from objects that move? Because i see a lot of car / train sound issues and my case is the same.

This issue was fixed but appears to have returned after the most recent ROBLOX update.

It now cuts out all sounds and breaks the users audio until they rejoin. I have looked over my code and game sound files and more numerous times and I have been unable to correct it.

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I’m going to add on to this by sending my oldest post related to this bug.

In my case - and what I’ve been dealing with for a while - I make vehicle engine sounds using upwards of 15+ separate sounds (my personal best was 53); they all fade in and out sort of like how other people have described.

I’ve noticed consistently that the sounds tend to break when the volume / pitch is very low, usually volume, and whenever memory usage is high. In Studio, sounds usually never break and I get very smooth engine noises. In games with high player count / memory usage, the individualized sounds tend to break much easier.

All other observations from others are valid and line up with my use cases so +1 to all of those.

I remember from printing volume and pitch updates that the client and server agrees on the values being sent for the sound to be updated, however the sound just doesn’t want to update assuming via FMOD’s implementation.

I never wanted to repost my 2019 post as I couldn’t get reliable replication, sort of like how others have described here, but hopefully this observation with memory could help.

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Could this issue please be revisited, as said in a post I recently put up here it is occurring once again after a ROBLOX update.

It is causing me to lose players with no apparent changes to sound on my end, just spurratically occurring one day.


I am experiencing this issue in my experience and, contrary to what other users are saying, it happens mostly in Studio and my place doesn’t use a lot of memory either.

Game for context: Nid's Buses & Trams - Roblox

Most notable symptoms of this bug are relays clicking multiple times while they should click once, and engine sounds getting interrupted for a short moment.

All sounds are controlled from serverside scripts, however it even happens even with sounds that are played once so I doubt the script and it’s type has anything to do with this issue.

Updated: I fixed this issue by doing the following;

I found out one of my audios had PlayOnRemove and was looped (inside a car), so anytime that car was destroyed it added onto infinitely running audios.

If you use PlayOnRemove for any of your audios, make sure they are NOT LOOPED or you will run into this bug.