Sound - LoopFade and TrimmedTime


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make the new royalty-free audio loop perfectly. Sure, we can re-upload the music but it costs $$$. It can also be used for fixing some sounds.

It can be scriptable, but it won’t be as efficient as audio mixing or trimming.
I will use Sony Vegas as a small example.


About LoopFade

You will be able to input the fade in/out time - in this case it would be something like 0.2.
Once it is set, the looped audio will overlay itself, to make a more natural loop.

About TrimmedTime

You will be able to input start and end time of the audio.
It can be mixed with LoopFade for even cooler looping.

Or maybe you want to add a delay between sounds?
Say no more! TrimmedTime.End can be bigger than audio’s length.

The End

If Roblox is able to address this, it would save some devs money (by not having them re-upload the said audio). We will also make sure only a part of audio is played.

Down there, you will see some of the worthy mentions.


Yes this would be amazingly helpful, I am currently a large developer in the Napoleonic era and it would be much easier if I could just upload a large table of voices and sound effects without having to do it one at a time and just use the TrimmedTime option to play the sounds I select.

Nice suggestion! :+1:


You can do both of these already fairly easily via. scripts so it isn’t really necessary to have a dedicated feature for it.

Make a modular system to handle it for you and it will be efficient.

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Well, I just said it’d be even better.
Audio might be off sometimes, at least server side.

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I support this, and sure you could do this in Lua but then if the user’s PC lags, freezes or loses connection then the sound might play past its supposed “end” and leak other lines.


I really support this! This would be pretty helpful in games w/ constant music or a theme of music to blend different songs and have them sound good.

personally i’d change the name of LoopFade to CrossFade since that’s the term I usually associate w/ that technique, but that’s just person taste


I originally thought of it as a method to play just one sound.

Maybe there could be a function for 2 sounds?

I support, that would be very useful.


Four years later and this still isn’t a feature. This would be really helpful for me and a bunch of other developers. I know that it doesn’t cost anything to upload audios anymore but you can’t download audios and edit them to make them the length you want either. Please make something like “LoopFade” and “TrimmedTime” a feature because having background music with an obvious start and end sounds bad imo.

Actually, you can. There is an endpoint available, and some browser extensions will actually make a button to download the audio visible for you.

I’ve tried researching but I haven’t got a solution, the Hyra audio api used to work before they shut down, would you be able to tell me how to do it? Actually, I guess Roblox might not be happy with that being given out publicly, so for now I’ll keep researching.

Roblox is fine with the disclosure of this information. There are a couple extensions for your browser that are Roblox related, one of them is called BTRoblox. BTRoblox can add a button to the audio page where you can download the audio. It only appears, however, if the audio is publicly available.

I never noticed that, I already had the extension but I guess I didn’t use to use Roblox-created audios. But now that they’re the only thing that’s available I have actually found some good ones.

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