SoundDispatcher Bug

Sorry for the wrong category, I don’t have access to Client Bugs and I haven’t seen this reported.

This bug started around 4:56pm EST. I know this because my Error Logger, which I added to my game last Saturday, began to spam a single error at this time as shown in the picture below:

The specific line in the default Sound script that is automatically inserted into new characters:
SoundEventFolder:FindFirstChild("SoundDispatcher"):Fire(p, sound, playing, resetPosition)

This is a big issue for debugging. When I joined a server, I couldn’t see anything in the Server Logs except for this single error. The error would be posted multiple times every second.

This is something I can fix for myself, but I figured I would also report it so that it could get looked at. I’ve tried to reproduce it in studio and haven’t found a way to do so.

I think that you’re supposed to ask a Top Contributor to post for you in that case. I don’t even think the engineers will view threads in these sections, and the thread can’t be moved because then you wouldn’t be able to see it. At the end of the day this isn’t really accomplishing anything.

It’s becoming far too common for people to misuse these sections due to not having access to the others.

On the other hand, it the attention of people that can report it, or get a Top Contributor™ to help.

@buildthomas @EchoReaper

That is true- that is a possible outcome from misusing the section. At the of the day, however, there are more appropriate ways, such as contacting them directly. We certainly shouldn’t overlook or encourage misuse, even a positive outcome is conceivably possible. Doing that will contribute to the overall derailment of the section’s dedicated purpose.

Please review rule 15.1 in the Developer Forum Rules for information on how to report bugs or request features when you don’t have access to the bug reports / feature requests category.

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