Sounds seem to play louder when they are behind you?

A sound, one that plays some nice piano music. I could hardly hear it, so I increased the volume to 2. That was better. I started walking away from the source, only to have my ears blasted with the sound that has violently increased in playback loudness. (yes, the property itself even indicates that it is playing much louder than if you are facing the source of the sound)

How to reproduce
This bug occurs all the time. Place a part in an empty baseplate, put a random sound in it, run the game and alternate between facing the part and facing away from it.

When does it happen
The bug happens everywhere, both when testing in studio and playing an online session.

When did it start happening
I’m not entirely sure when it started happening, but I only recently noticed it.

Other stuff that might help
I found a post from february that seems to be having similar problems (but I don’t think they’re the same)

I also made a test place where i followed my own reproducing instructions

I heard that this may be a Windows bug, but after looking into it I’ve found nothing.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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