Spaceships for a new game I'm making

Hi, I am making a new space themed game similar to Solar Conquest.
I’ve made a few spaceships that I’m proud of due to my lack of building skills, and I just wanted to share them here.
A few things to note about the ships:

  1. They are customizable (weapons types/tiers and thruster tiers)
  2. When you purchase one, the customization slots are auto-filled with the basic-tier thrusters with half forward/up and half reverse/down
  3. The max speed is up to your piloting skills. The acceleration is based on the amount of thrusters in the forward/rear/up/down direction.

The Fighter

Dominate space with this custom war-oriented vehicle. All slots have been placed horizontally to allow for maximum forward and reverse acceleration and for a premier focus on weaponry that other ships simply cannot compete with.

The Transporter

Simple ship that boasts a massive health pool with impressive shields on standby. This ship can get your crew to any asteroid, any planet, any place in the system that you have the guts to go to.

The Upgraded Transporter

The brilliant minds working on this upgraded version of the Transporter reasoned that with a larger reactor, they could fit nearly two extra thrusters! With this great power came great resp- came great leaps in seating technology, allowing for an additional two passengers over the basic transporter. The larger reactor resulted in a weaker frame material due to R&D costs, so it has less health than its otherwise inferior older sibling.
The Podlette

Everyone has to start somewhere… right?
The Podlette is the Honda Civic that your parents told you was going to be a money pit, but the hole in the floorboard makes that cherry bomb exhaust sound quite nice.
This spaceship is made available to free to everyone so that you can get out to the asteroids and start mining your heart away.


I like the exterior of the design. I would say to add some detail to the walls in the interior and maybe use the “metal” texture on some of the parts used (thats just my personal feel, you don’t have to use metal)
Overall, I like it.

I love the simple Roblox look, yet I recommend you start using blender. There are tutorials on youtube on how to make a FULL space ship on blender and blender only.

(I still love it :slight_smile:)

Why do you recommend I use blender? For simple ships like these it seems blender would only complicate the process…

I think blender is helpful, but you go for the stylee you want man.

  • Textures
  • Shapes
  • Colors

Three basic things that may help you achieve what you can even imagine, and that you need to impove. Current spacecships look blocky, simple and bland. Using Archimedes v2 plugin and a lot of practice wil only make it better.
Textures look weird, I would suggest playing with them, however, I can’t say much, as you have the idea, not me.
Colors are funky. Add variations, play with properties and the outcome will be better.

It looks a bit too blocky, like it was made with a tool where you only use blocks, no offence. Great start, but I suggest that you add some moredetail, try adding textures, diffrent types of materials.

I am going for a blocky look, actually. I should’ve provided some more context. The game uses a 3x3x3 grid based block building system and I wanted the planes to fit that theme.

I appreciate the feedback. I cannot work too much on differing shapes since the games theme is blocky (3x3x3 grid building system) but I am adding textures like bolts and war / faction decals. Additionally, I am adding other “equipment” to the spaceships that common aircraft have today.
Colors will be handled via scripts to make your spaceship team-themed.