[Speedbuild] 3 Hour Sci-Fi/SCP Lobby!

Hey guys, me again ;). I come to you today with my latest creation as part of yet another commission. As you can see below I’ve spent just about 3 Hours building the lobby. I’d like to remind everyone that this isn’t finished and I’ve got some more ideas. I hope you enjoy today’s speed build, let me know what you think :slight_smile: !
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There is no way that took you 3 hours to make. It’s just unbelievably beautiful and has so many details. Keep up the great work! I love it.


Each time I see your posts it makes me A. very jealous and B. astonished. This is just amazing! though it looks more like a spaceship rather than a lobby, this is totally of excellence.


This is absolutely amazing! The bleak, gray color scheme gives off that SCP vibe, and the details in each and every bit of the lobby is astonishing, to say the least! There is no way that took you three hours to build, that’s absolutely insane.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: , I get really into my work and I come up with ideas pretty fast so I dont waste time thinking about what I want to make haha


Haha thanks :wink: I just get motivated and and the rest just kinda flows nicely in my head lol


I appreciate your comment very much and it really does mean alot, keeps me motivated to make more cool creations. I havent quite worked on the textures yet but ill get to that after i’ve finished it haha :).

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This is amazing! I’m utterly blown away…The detail is so good! I can’t believe it only took 3 hours. Is this built only in studio?
I really like the color scheme too.


Is this made solely in ROBLOX?


I haven’t messed around with textures nor colors too much haha and yes it’s all Roblox part not one mesh at all!

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Yep not one mesh part haha (30 char

Turn off outlines xd. I hate outlines they take away from the true beauty of a build and make them seem less-realistic. Other than that: SERIOUS PROPS. Insane. I can see it’s duplicated but the way you did it is hardly noticeable. It just looks like an incredible build that would take days.


Imagine if you could do GFX, the artwork would be insane tbh

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Wow. That is amazing making that in only 3 hours! The detail is breath taking.

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Totally lovely build! To be honest this will take me like 2 days to complete it and with the simple fact you came with this on 3hrs, amazing. I would like to see more about you on the future and your speedy hands.

Anyway, amazing building and your skills boy, nice. Hava a nice day and keep the hard work buddy.

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Looks awesome! :+1: I would add some other colours though.


haha ye for sure, Ive added some textures and stuff, but the person I made it for changed a bunch of stuff rip :confused:

Thank you so much, I have so many plans and projects Im working on atm, cant wait to share!!!

I just realized I had it turned on by accident, rip haha. Thanks :slight_smile:

“3 hours” Yea sure, but looks really good anyways I can’t wait to see the finished product :smile: Just add neon parts to make it look more sci-fi