Speedcore, atonal, experimental tracks! Thoughts?

im making way better music than this.

Made with Auxy (Mobile DAW)

As a relatively newer artist, of course I’m trying to experiment with new or odd sounds with obviously differentiating lengths. Here are some of those songs! Also, sorry if some songs are lower quality (or muddy) I have to fit with the devforum’s 10.24mb limit.

YIR - Paradise in a Volcanic Disaster

A song that’s going to be the start of my album, The Somewhat Bloopers.

It sets the feel of the album quite a bit.

YIR - Anomaly

My second song. Ever. It’s really weird…

YIR - Feel As If I'm Not Lost Fo@&#%

This song was a bit of a follow-up towards to WeirdE Twist WackSy Turbo. It’s not as good as that track though but I don’t really see anything I’d want to change here. Still a pretty eh though.

YIR - >dngruslikdetrit<

(the arrows are inverted because for some reason it disappeared on me whenever I tried them the other way)

A super weird song composed when I hit with a dry spell to not be able to create anything that I was really proud of. The sadder melodies in this song kinda express my sadness and anger for the fact that I just couldn’t make anything. Still super experimental. Pretty nice track, I really enjoy.

YIR - Unlucky 7

This was my first real try at making extraordinarily long songs. Y’know, I really like this song. The way it just gets more intense throughout.

YIR - Bitdrop

Goofy song. It goes from a nice and fun atmosphere to pure insanity and chaos in a few minutes. I really like this track, and I’ll be uploading a 7 minute version soon.

YIR - Trampoline

It’s pretty repetitive, but I still like this song a lot. It’s got it’s charm.

YIR - WeirdE Twist WackSy Turbo

My favorite track of mine. The bouncy melody, the fun attitude of the song, I can’t hate this.



My first extreme attempt at speedcore I’ve liked consistently. With a catchy kick loop and other pretty terrifying sounds mixed in. I really like this track!

Volume Warning (300BPM+)


Another extreme attempt at speedcore. I like this song quite a bit just for it’s aggressiveness.
I’ll try to improve this song as it goes on

Volume Warning (300BPM+)

YIR - Supergigaultraepicmegablaster Deluxe!!!!

A nice and simple speedcore track, and I really love it. It feels perfect for me.

Volume Warning (300 BPM+)


I love this song. That’s all I can say.

Volume Warning (300BPM+)

What are your thoughts on these tracks?

Oh yeah, here’s this

The Somewhat Bloopers (album)

SPONSERED BY DISAPPOINTMENT (The Songs That Didn't Quite Make It) (album)


I like them all, especially “>dngruslikdetrit<”.

My only gripe with any of them is the drums that start around 1:03 in the first song listed, though there’s nothing technically wrong, just personal preference. :b

I look forward to seeing more music like this

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Thanks for your thoughts!

I can agree with you on Bitdrop taking forever to actually start

Also for more music I also have this. It’s just 2 tracks though. Stay tuned for Unlucky 7 lol

You should try not to let the beginning of the song stretch all over it. As time passes, introduce more instruments, let them play for specified anmounts of time, and then at the drop, overlay all those beats and sounds to create the “Finale” feeling. I am not an expert, but I listened closely to alot of Undertale’s music and learned some things. Also, most tracks should be made to create a feeling. Maybe think about how listening to the song should make someone feel and then implement it. Just hardcore fast music can give some disco vibes for some time, but then get boring. Of course, none of them are bad and I enjoyed listening to [“dngruslikdetrit”] the most.

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I don’t get why people like dngruslikdetrit the most but hey, I’m not everybody else.

I can see what you mean with the beginning stretching all over it, but I find it a bit fun just to add a super long build-up. Although I probably will shorten the long build-up on Bitdrop and possibly helloandwelcometowhatwecall, I probably won’t for dngruslikdetrit because it just feels perfect for the song and it transitions into the bitcrushed noise that it is. What do you think of the album art? Is it perfect for these songs? (Excluding the speedcore ones, they’re probably not getting on there)

The art fits good, but it’s maybe a bit too pixely for the beat and drums.

these are all too like weird and funky and jittery

They’re supposed to be weird and funky.

They’re extremely experimental tracks, but I think I did well on most of them.

After all, it all comes down to taste.

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This feels very off-tune. I would choose a chord and stick to it, rather than constantly jump between major and minor progression.

I would also work on the rhythm and pacing. General rule of thumb is that if you can hum to it, and get it stuck in your head, then it has good rhythm.

Lastly, this is super muddy. I would bring the melody up an octave and separate the instruments a bit, by pitch, volume, and panning.

This is too loud, please put a limiter somewhere in the mixer. The saying “red bars means bars” only goes so far.

Again, very muddy. Separate the instruments some more so that it feels less-so like it’s mushed together.

Additionally, this track is also very repetitive. Try to incorporate new elements throughout the song to create interesting dynamics.

Everything else aside, the volume is just too much. If many of the instruments were just turned down, it might work as a game track.

This isn’t too bad, except it’s very drawn-out and repetitive. Again, it’s also very muddy.

I would try to apply some music theory to this track, there isn’t much about it that I can find enjoyable, unfortunately.

I feel like this track has the biggest issue with muddiness. There are too many instruments at once, all on similar octaves and volume, which just creates a sense overwhelming, well, chaos.

In my opinion, you can take the initial melody and just spin off of that, and compose an interesting song from there. I think the chord progression is what stands out, but otherwise, everything else seems off.

Overall, you have some key things you need to work on:

  • Muddiness (everything on similar octaves, volume, pan, etc.)
  • Repetitiveness (everything sounds the same if I click in different parts of the song)
  • Pacing (some songs don’t keep a constant BPM it seems like)
  • Volume (I genuinely felt discomfort listening to these tracks)
  • Basic Music Theory fallacies (go apply it, it’ll help a ton!)

Keep practicing and soon enough you’ll be a super-composer ^v^


The muddiness may be from the heavy audio compression on some of the tracks.

Uncompressed Bitdrop is 80mb. The original Bitdrop is around 8mb.

That’s a pretty major step down in quality.

The muddiness is mostly from the octave similarities. I recommend keeping melodies on higher octaves, bass on lower, drums on mid, etc. Be sure to use the mixer to your best ability as well!