Split Rule 14 into "Intended" and "Unintended"

I think that if an user breaks Rule #14 on accident and leaks minimal content from private sections (not full topics, not images from there, just a sentence or thing) on accident, they shouldn’t be subject to a DevForum account deletion.
An account termination should be only issued when an user breaks the rule ON PURPOSE.
This would be similar to Rule #12.1 (NSFW content), which is also split into Intended (for 3 strikes) and Unintended (for 2 strikes).
But why?
Everyone here fears an account termination for when their post can be took as leaking private stuff. I have asked many times if stuff related to that rule is OK, as once you break that rule, your account is deleted and won’t ever be recovered - and cannot be appealed in case of a mistake.
Splitting the rule into Intended and Unintended would give users a second chance in case of screwing up - nobody is perfect and everybody can screw up, even Roblox administrators. Now, the rule doesn’t care about whether you intended to do that or leaked content as a mistake - both give you an instant account termination without a chance of appeal.

Like NSFW content, Intended would give you 3 strikes and a termination, and Unintended would give you 2 strikes and a 5 day forum ban. Like that, whether it’s unintended or not would be determined by the DET member which took care of the case.

I won’t recommend that to Rule #17, as in 99% of the cases, claiming another person’s work as your own is intentional and splitting it would not be needed.


Not everyone. I don’t.

You can “leak” your own content btw. Someone asked a sage and they said you can share your own posts.

It’s common sense. How do you “accidentally” leak private sections of the forum anyway.

Source? I am 100% certain you can appeal a ban.

If rules say leaking content from private sections is not allowed, then it is not allowed.

Please provide a source for this too.

It looks like you want the punishment for sharing this content to be lowered just so you can leak content from private sections to non-members. You are being trusted with seeing this content and you shouldn’t take advantage of that.

If the rules don’t want you posting private content publicly, then don’t.

Doesn’t look like you’ve considered the boxed words here because you knew they would go against your point:

Getting access to #lounge (I am assuming you are primarily referring to this category, although #forum-feedback, #discussion, and #help-and-feedback:cool-creations are private too) as a Regular is a privilege. Not a right.

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Even though your post sounded kind of rude, I get your point. However, that doesn’t really why should people that post private content on accident get their account terminated like the people who did it on purpose.

How does this happen “accidentally”

Also, do you have a source for

  1. Why won’t they list that as 2 separate rules if both cases won’t get you a termination?
  2. How would you contact the staff to appeal if you do not have access to the forum anymore?

It can also happen accidentally when a person is for example, discussing a post in Updates, but they say a sentence which’s source is located in the Lounge.

I don’t understand

appeals@roblox.com, and I think the developer relations email

How does this happen on accident though, you aren’t answering that

Edit: if you would like to share content without non-members (or non-regulars if it’s a #lounge post) seeing it, link to the post instead, removing the title and just leaving the ID. (e.g. Split Rule 14 into "Intended" and "Unintended")

Made a post about this before, referring to rule 14. either I made a typo or rule order was changed.