Sponsored Experiences moving to Ads Manager

It’s fixed for me now, try it yourself maybe it works for everyone

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I really cannot express how incomplete this feels. When trying to get to the sponsorship making, most pages linking to sponsorships take you to the broken, old sponsor page, which redirects and features a broken drop down menu and no information on how to get to the ACTUAL page.

Even clicking things in the newer Creator Dashboard sends you to the old links. It is basically a dead system on arrival, because it is now buried to get to, beyond it’s overall complexity that makes it hard to fathom even when you get to it, for reasons I’ve described previously.

Roblox, we need a response that you’re trying to improve the dire situation of the ad manager.
It does not currently appear like you are, which is not good for users simply trying to retain metrics.

Your metrics, mind you!


STILL do not understand how THIS particularly works.

The problem is, it is a completely abstract number, based on another completely abstract number (ad credits), that is not explained effectively. I don’t know if it’s safe to leave it on 0.05, or if I need to crank it up for it to work, or even if I should turn it down! I’ve read the documentation, I vaguely understand what it’s doing, but being a new system there is no actual way for me to calculate how much of this I actually need.

Before, you just set the $ spent per day. That’s it. You got views/plays.
Now whether or not you waste your money or get good results seemingly 100% depends on knowing the ins-and-outs of this new, arbitrary, complex system that forces you to do all of the math yourself.

Why? I get having control but this is nonsense, I don’t know what I’m doing! Does ANYBODY?


Also shout out to all of my ad sets that are currently named stuff like this.
Why, you ask?

Because I have never in my life wanted to use an “Ad Campaign”.

I make single ads. In a week or so maybe I’ll make another. There is no way to make single ads still, which means, I need to make a “”““campaign””“” and then make an “”““ad set””“” in the campaign all to get a single ad. Three names, for a single ad, is madness.

And you can’t even use campaigns more than once, so it’s not even useful just as a sorting feature.

The moral of the story? To anyone not marketing a triple-A game, this system is useless. It is extra complex, requires extra steps, and reduces the effectiveness of a small developer getting ads successfully ran. A huge barrier to entry.


I didn’t understand In-Experience Ads much, so I made another post talking about them.

I didn’t get much result, so I went ahead and tested them anyways.

The results:

  • Ad manager makes no sense still
  • In-Experience ads ate ALL of my ad credits, shat itself, then took a nap
  • The ad Manager has actually recorded the total plays going down; refuses to elaborate

I’m just going to leave this thread here as while it started as a question thread it quickly became a thread to vent the worst of the problems I’m having with these ads.

I really need response from someone within roblox staff because if I can’t advertise on Roblox, I can’t advertise anywhere. These are not Beta problems, these are “Did anybody think this through?” problems.

image image


Roblox is really out here trying to scam me today. Is there ANY right way to use this?


So would you recommend bidding 0.01-0.02 (so always the lowest possible amount)?

You said that you now understand what the bidding is supposed to do. Could you explain it to me?

Did you find any answers on this question?

Is it just me or has the performance of sponsors gone down?


more than a million impressions but less than 3k plays…Ooof

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I’m not the only one.

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Is this an ad for a game or something else? Because in case it’s for a game…You should only do sponsorships. Ads aren’t wroth it in comparison.

The screenshots I posted for the game “Gem Keeper” are not mine, found them off another post. However, the ones I posted first were sponsorships I ran.

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This is the greediest, most outrageous update to date. Congratulations on making literally everyone mad


Miss the good old days when we could spend on 0.74 CPC and

now we are forced to spend a minimum of 2.85 per click :man_facepalming:


It is definitely a scam Robux should be refunded as soon as possible, but Roblox is strict on these issues.


I agree
Issues with the new ad manager:

  1. A large portion of plays are just bots (Some people join for half a second and imminently leave)

  2. 0.01 cred per play is too expensive. I think that’s 3 robux per play or something, and if you have a good thumbnail, it shouldn’t cost that much.

  3. Takes wayy longer for the ad to start.

Overall the manager could be good if Roblox lowered min cred per play, and tried to prevent bots.

Also why did they take an extra 90R$?


The new ad manager just ATE over 500 ad credits and never even started the campaign to begin and it did not refund me.

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It takes one day, don’t worry i got scared too lOL

It been over 48 hours, so that is not the case here

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Ad manager is really broken, or they did it to make more money on purpose

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Why do I need to create a “company” to sponsor my roblox game :sob: . This should be a step in the right direction for devs, but its definitely so roblox can drain more money from sponsors.

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