Sponsored games not appearing

Because nobody else seems to have reported this as a bug.

This started happening ever since Roblox decided they’d ‘improve’ the sponsored games system (I use improve as a massive exaggeration) The main problem being people are spending thousands of robux, in return for 0 impressions.

2,500 Robux here for nothing

20,000 Robux here

Another 20,000 Robux

Before I get a “this is a visual bug” kind of response, lemme add on to the second problem. Ad locations and CTR. The change as all but made Sponsoring worthless. People are reporting numbers 10x lower than what they’d usually get (yet to actually see anyone praise the new system as being successful) And the ads barely appear on the games page. I think what, 3 sorts get them? And they are sorts that are located at the bottom of the games page. Nobody scrolls down. You only look at the sorts that are presented to you, in your face. I’ve always rallied for Popular sort to be the top, highest sort. I can’t see any logical reason why it shouldn’t be there. If you think you have a solid argument against that then fire away :slight_smile:

This thread basically details the entire problem, however cause it’s labelled under #platform-feedback:website-features , it will basically never get looked it, and ignored

Ton of other posts on it

And numerous people have reported it on the original thread, but have been left basically ghosted by Roblox (either they don’t read the replies, or they just don’t care :man_shrugging: )

Before anyone lashes out at me for making the bug report, buildthomas suggested it here so, don’t shoot the messager :slight_smile:

I would mark this at CRITICAL, buttttt I know the powers above would have a field day telling me off for it so :man_shrugging:what can ya do


Thank you Ninjo! I can confirm that the 0 impression bug is not a visual bug. I’ve tried to search game’s that people recently sponsored and I was unsuccessful. That mixed with the fact that sponsors get almost 0 CTR now, Roblox should consider refunding people who were affected.


Have a field day they would, but I think we can all agree this legitimately deserves to be marked as critical. I’ve been planning on spending a fair chunk of change on robux to invest in sponsoring my game, and I imagine lots of developers have done just that only to find their money ultimately went down the drain. I’m grateful I checked the devforum to see how effective sponsors are with the new system before I made an expensive mistake.

Thank you for the post. I hope this is addressed immediately.


Why can’t they just put sponsors in ALL front page sorts? (besides specially themed ones like Play Together or the new Halloween sort)

Besides that, this issue needs to be fixed immediately. Many small developers are being stunted because of this issue and personally I believe this goes against the core values of ROBLOX as a whole :frowning_face:


I sponsored 30k today and my sponsor has 0 Impressions and 0 clicks for over 8 hours ):


This is exactly what I’m talking about. For smaller developers especially, that’s a huge sum of money lost to the void. I seriously hope you get a full refund ASAP.


Exactly, I wasn’t even aware of this bug and I planned on spending 100k.
If a small developer did that, it would take him ages to earn that back.


I can confirm that this is a bug because I only see 4 sorts that have sponsored ads and 16 that don’t have sponsored ads.
I haven’t done any sponsored ads recently and I don’t plan to do any sponsored ads until this issue is fixed.


Is there any update on this? I haven’t seen a single staff member reply and it’s been days. We can’t and don’t want to sponsor until this is fixed, because our main source of traffic seems to be broken.

People spent tens or hundreds of thousands of Robux trying to sponsor only to find out it was pretty much useless, can they expect refunds too?


I’ve had the same issue, I spent nowhere near the amount spent (10 Robux) but yes this is a serious issues and we should all get refunded for this currently messed up system. I will admit my game was not great (didn’t include stuff like Skip Stage and due to DataStore Issues with HD Admin, it’s been saying the game tried to teleport to a restricted place).

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database for further investigation and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We have found that a subset of ads run between 10/30 - 11/1 were delayed or did not receive delivery. This has been resolved as of 11/1, and all affected accounts will be receiving a refund.

It is going to take a few days for refunds to begin processing. Once they have been processed, you will receive a notification in your Roblox Inbox. Thank you!


There are still only 4 sorts that still show sponsored ads.
Will that change?


First of all, thank you for taking action and solving this bug, however I still think Sponsors are still very far off of what they used to offer. As the post mentions here:

I am one of the unfortunate people to have used sponsors recently (after the changes to the ‘Games’ Page & Sorts) and even though I did get impressions and visits, the results were very awful and nowhere near my previous experiences.I spent 15k :robux_light: to get 2.5k Visits and peak 25 players playing. The point is that even though I did get impressions, I still feel “scammed”.

Will this be fixed? It’s much harder to advertise your games especially on touch devices now that Sponsors are worthless.

More info on this: Sponsoring is currently extremely worthless


A game of mine recently released with 80,000 Robux in sponsors. Even with this supposed fix we are getting numbers far lower than what we’ve gotten before. Around the realm of 10x less impressions. Please, do look into this a bit more.


This has sadly been a problem for more than a month now. Due to sponsors not appearing in the first few categories, CTR is extremely bad. I’d recommended using normal advertisements for the time being

You can read more about this problem here


Please read what people have been saying in here and forward it to the engineers, because this is a huge problem.


Thank you everyone for your feedback, sponsored games now appear in a majority of sorts!


Still broken, spent over 200,000 on a combination of ads/sponsors and game players peeked at 40! Good job Roblox!


File a new bug report for new issues