Sponsoring or Advertising?

I’m just wondering, which is the best to gain players?

I’m not an expert, but I’ve read a lot of forum posts and the consensus seems to be advertising over sponsors. People seem to argue that it’s easy to pass by sponsors, while advertisements are big and easy to catch.

It’s mixed, and there’s people on both sides. So I’d recommend testing out both, and seeing which one does better in the long run. It’s a case-by-case basis. It will depend on what your game is and what audience you’re looking for.

You should also divide what you spend it on. Don’t spend 100% on sponsors or advertisements, do a ratio of, for example, 40% sponsors and 60% ads.

Make your ads looks nice.

Know your audience.

Try shooting some professionals messages to see what they think. Consult multiple people.

Hope this helped.

I’ll also add a poll here:

  • All Sponsors
  • All Advertisements
  • Mix of Both
  • Neither

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Well, It really depends who you’re going for, and what platform you plan to sponsor/advertise it to.

If you’re unsure try out both, personally from my experience I’d recommend advertising but go with what you feel.

If your ad is good, you’ll catch a good audience. I’ve tried running some low quality ads and had no result and no clicks at all. Just remember to be cautious with what you upload.

I can also recommend making multiple ads/sponsors instead of just 1 and putting all of your Robux on it.

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There are already many topics on this. Please refrain from making a new one as if you tried a simple search, you’d find many on this. In my opinion, ads. If you can… both.

My take on this is that advertisements are used mostly for games that are exclusive to PC, or they are used for groups that are trying to gain members, such as cafes, military groups, etc.

Sponsors, are really good for people who play on mobile or console. People on those platforms can not see ads, therefor you lose a large percentage of Roblox players by taking the ad route.

Some people will just ignore the ads, and some people will ignore the sponsors. You just need to make it eye-catching, and look very appealing for them to take their time and play a new game they haven’t before.

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Advertise,or sponsoring?
Well, depends on your playerbase
If your playerbase is mobile players,choose sponsoring on phone
Or else,advertise,
you can make more people click the ad if u make it nice (or clickbait), but u can’t make your sponsor better (unless if u count the title and thumbnail)

Well I’m just a bacon hair sooo lol

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