Spotlight Illumination of Trails

Hi everyone. I’m not sure how to get my flashlight to light up trails representing rain droplets (from @TheNexusGamer’s awesome module here). To clarify what I mean, I will now show you a very terrible image:

In order to achieve this effect, I messed around with LightEmission, LightInfluence, and Brightness. I vaguely understand what each of these properties do (except Brightness since the wiki has no documentation on it specifically for trails and changing it seems to do nothing), but they do not seem to exhibit my desired effect. Here is what it usually ends up looking like (note there is light coming out of the flashlight in this image, but it is impossible to discern when looking at the droplets because the trails do not respect it whatsoever):

(LightEmission at 0, LightInfluence at 1)

To clarify, the brightness of the spotlight is 60 (for testing), and shadows are enabled for both the lighting service and the lighting object. The light exits the flashlight in a conical shape. Am I missing something?

Managed to achieve this by setting the light emission to 0 and the light influence to 2.



Use the volumetric lighting for more good results.

Sadly, this doesn’t look achievable with the future engine, so it’s either this or the flashlight’s light actually looking decent. I’m gonna have to ditch the whole rain lighting up gig if I want that juicy, beautiful future lighting :frowning: