Trail Based Rain


After a tweet by TigerCaptain, I decided I would try to make a free model rain generator using the new trails object, with a bit of extra functionality. Oh say… wind:

As well as “override areas” for how low the rain gets:

API (it is a module, located in a LocalScript):

RainAPI:StartRain() RainAPI:StopRain() RainAPI:AddOverrideRegion(X1,Z1,X2,Z2,OverrideY) RainAPI:RemoveOverrideRegion(Id) RainAPI:SetWindSpeed(X,Z) RainAPI:GetWindSpeed() RainAPI:SetRainGroupsPerSecond(NewRainGroupsPerSecond) RainAPI:GetRainGroupsPerSecond()


Looks very nice, good job!

That’s a gorgeous skybox as well!

A lot of people have made great skyboxes as free models. I don’t have the ability to make my own. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is great!!

I was going to make this! Darnit someone beat me :frowning:

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There is more than 1 way to do it. If you think you can do something better, performance or detail wise, do it.
One idea (cc @wravager) :


Looks amazing! Great work

The lack of rain intensity is saddening. Would be cool to have like intense storms

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There actually is.


A low number like 60 will result in light rain and a higher number like 600 will result in heavier rain.

This is a brilliant addition to the community, indeed a very clever use of the new trails feature as well. Nice job!

My bad! Completely misunderstood it at first. Still not heavy enough for a bad thunderstorm though :frowning: We need a weather system implementation.


Yeah, you’d need to combine it with fog + lighting changes to make it look like a heavy thunderstorm.


give me a copy please
not for the rain, just the really cool trippy skybox

I think I used this one:

I want to try making skyboxes with my Mavic Pro drone :open_mouth:

Beautiful implementation of trails. One question, does the rain have collision detection?

Not exactly. I add a function named RainAPI:AddOverrideRegion(X1,Z1,X2,Z2,OverrideY) to set the override destroy height for a certain region. This would be useful for flat roofs but it isn’t a good solution for things like moving objects and slanted roofs. I decided to do this implementation as it was a lot cheaper than casting rays constantly.

Another rain effects script had the rain destroyed upon a Touched event, perhaps you could do something similar?

I took the model and put it in startergui, playing in play solo chops my frames to 15 but I dont see any rain anywhere