Spotlights not working in-game

I don’t know whether I’m just being dumb but I have got spotlight lights in my game and they work great in studio, but whenever I go in game, its like they aren’t there. They don’t work in the studio Test either.
In Studio:

In Game/Studio Test:

There are no scripts even in the game yet alone the lights, I have made sure they are all enabled too. If anyone could help, that’d be great!

Future lighting isn’t out yet.


lol, thanks bro.
love your content btw <3

This has been brought up before if your using the new technology lighting it isn’t live at the moment, if your lighting isn’t working when in-game it’s only studio. I would try using another lighting technology if your still wanting the spotlights to show while in-game.

There’s been a few notes coming out on the thread including “updates” and such so it’ll probably be coming sooner you should keep an eye on the thread, and see when new updates get pushed out once it’s fully releases and live to the public so it’ll be seen in games and not just studio: Future Is Bright: Phase 3 Studio Beta .

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