Spot/Point/Surface Lights Affecting Individual Parts

As the title says I would like to ask about this new feature that can affect individual parts, which will include for example an attribute called “Light Affect”. If one of the lights Spot/Point/Surface is in the workspace (globally) and if any objects contain one of these attributes they will be affected by the light.

Q: Why am I asking for this feature?
A: I want to include different shading to my objects and for example I would create a neon effect on the sides of a gem! Just like show in the next picture.

Including the “Light Affect” attribute example below! :arrow_down:


Without the “Light Affect” attribute example below! :arrow_down:


Mind the sparkle, it’s just a detail! :sweat_smile:

As of right now there is only one issue, which is… the whole light is affecting everything around!!! :hot_face:

If I get the part with the spot light, it makes that really nice neon area on the object.

However If I keep moving the part with the spot light it will affect the other area, like ground.

This is the only reason why I am requesting this feature.

I appreciate for spending your time here reading this!

Thank you,