SPRING 2021 Accelerator Mingling Thread

I was an Accelerator last Spring as the team leader on Kart Nation. I did the coding for the kart mechanics, as well as handling the edits on our trailer videos.

Ever since the internship last spring, I’ve been staying in the Bay Area. I personally would prefer to assemble a team together in a house around here. If you’re interested in that, it’s reasonably feasible on the Accelerator pay, just not living the super lavish lifestyle. (You won’t be buying a Tesla in the first week.) Living together will just make it easier to work together. No time zone differences, no schedule differences. An office amongst your living space.

For more about me, check out my portfolio here.

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** CLOSED **

I’m looking to assemble a solid team of creative and enthusiastic members to make a fantastic new game.

For my education, I have a degree in computer science, so I have experience with coding; mainly Java. When it comes to Roblox, I have about five years of personal experience focused on building. However, for this program I am aiming to fill the role of the main designer and manager, as well as helping out with any building and coding along the way.

I’ve got a plethora of game ideas, but I would love to work together to conceptualize something we’re all passionate about.

If you’re interested, feel free to contact me here on the forums.

My portfolio:

Hey there. My name is Kohl but I’m known as “Unresolved” on site.

A few examples of previous projects can be found on my linked in. My name on there is “Kohl Kenerly”

I’m a builder, I work exclusively in studio for 99% of my builds however I also double as a graphic designer and I’m proficient in photoshop and premiere pro.

Further build examples can she provided upon request.


The accelerator program sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t do it solo, so I’m looking for a team or teammates! I’ve worked on the Ava Max Roblox event, got some items in the catalog and worked on some other cool stuff. Here’s my portfolio, you’ll find contact info in it as well :slight_smile:

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Hey there! I am MoriartyWatson, a 3D Artist with 6 years experience, 4 of which have been serious.

I am very excited to be working alongside either a partner or a team for this fantastic opportunity. Please message me on the forums for further information!!

I have experience working with A variety of styles, from Cartoon to Realistic. Examples can be shown, because my portfolio is located on discord.

I am Azroxl: Low poly builder / 3d modeler/ user interfaces designer i have been building and 3d modeling for 1 year here is my portfolio:

Hello there! My name is Eli, and I am looking to find a team for the upcoming spring accelerator program. I have great experience with working in teams, and am eager to take on this amazing opportunity.

I have been a developer on Roblox for around 8 years now and primarily specialize in programming. That being said, I also enjoy building and UI Design as well. I haven’t worked on many games myself as I have mainly worked in teams, but I have contributed to the following games:

If you wish to contact me, my Discord is TDK#0001, I have a lot of pending requests, so make sure to shoot me a message so that I don’t ignore your request.

I am Penguim2, and I am looking to find a team for the upcoming program. I have been 3D modelling for 3 years, programming for 4 years, mostly in Kotlin, and programming in lua for one year. Although I have not been programming in roblox very long, have a degree in computer science so I am picking things up quickly. I enjoy doing both programming and 3D modelling at roughly the same level so my role in your team can be flexible. I like to think I work well in a team. :smile:
Here is my 3D modelling portfolio

Here is the current game I am programming/creating, further scripting examples can be provided on request.

If you would like to contact me send me a message on here or Twitter

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Hey there!
I’m Axcerious; I have around 6-7 years experience developing on Roblox mostly Building and Modeling. Here is a portfolio highlighting some of my most recent work enjoy!

I’m looking to finally partake in this amazing program and looking for a creative, hardworking and knowledgeable team.
Contact: Axcerious#0836

I’m TrueMageek, or just True, and I’ve been programming various things on Roblox for about six months. Most of my projects, in various stages of completion and made at various points in my skill progression, can be found on my Roblox profile - I’d gladly give you a tour if you are interested. I’m passionate about beautiful code and can usually solve a problem if given enough time.

I’m interested in finding a team for the upcoming spring accelerator program, please give me a shout if you would like to team up. Cheers!

Looking for an 18+ 3D Modeler!

We’re a development studio with over 20 million visits and 35k over members! Zood Studios - Roblox

Message me on Devforum your portfolio

Looking for an additional 3D artist to join our team on project RoKarts in applying to the program.

Here’s a preview of what we are about:
(Nov 16th, 2019)

(April 18th, 2020)

We have been in development since April 2018, so approaching 3 years now. We are currently a team of 10 people, including one gameplay programmer, one web programmer, one UI/graphics/animations person, two 3D artists and level designers, one kart designer, one composer, and one sound effects designer. This game has not earned a single penny yet, but we are all very confident in the project and have invested a lot of time and money into its development.

What we are looking for:

  • Someone who meets all of the accelerator program requirements (18+, can do voice and video, etc)
  • Familiar with 3D design software, ideally Blender (we currently have 4 people working in different capacities in Blender, so we can all share knowledge and grow)
  • Has some experience UV mapping and texturing meshes. Experience with PBR workflows, such as substance painter, would be nice but not needed.
  • Enjoys games like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Sonic Racing Transformed, etc; generally understands and appreciates these kinds of games (makes it easier for us to be on the same page about design goals).

Because level design is a very involved process and takes a different skillset from general 3D modeling, we will not be asking for you to model out levels in Blender. What we do want is someone who can model kart chassis and wheels, and potentially design custom character models for the racers. We currently have about 10 karts and 10 wheels, and 2-3 potential custom character models, so you will be able to collaborate with our artists to get a feel for style, share ideas, get tips on workflow.

Payment: We budgeted a certain amount of money to be spent on existing maps, models, music compositions, sound effects, and various other expenses, so unfortunately we are all out of money to spend on new hires. Roblox has provided with a potential opportunity to get more talent using the money provided by the Accelerator Program. If you wish to work with us, we will discuss writing the applications for the program. Your payment will be whatever Roblox pays for the program; we can also discuss potential future profit shares/payments after the program.


I’m looking for an environment artist who has a passion for SciFi and futuristic styles that is able to create efficient, detailed, realistic, and well thought-out environments. I’m also looking for a programmer with previous experience in creating finished procedural world generation systems.

You can reach out to me on Discord at Rocky28447#7843 to find out more if you feel you fit either of these descriptions!

Hello! It’s Bananacb. Unfortunately, my previous partner could not participate in applying with me for the 2021 Spring Accelerator Program because of his schedule. Therefore, I would like to put together a team specifically for this program.

The two biggest gaps I need to fill on my team is UI design and 3D modeling. Anything else is an added bonus!

Make sure to contact me on Discord at Bananacb#4190 if you are interested. If you don’t have Discord you can contact me here at the DevForum, or even my Twitter @Bananacb. Good luck to everyone!

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Hello! :smiley:

I’m looking for a team to join.
I’m a builder.

You can check out my portfolio HERE.

Looking for a team, also willing to start one w/ someone
Embedded77, Programmer, Web Developer.

Looking for an 18+ Builders!!

We’re a development studio with over 20 million visits and over 36k members! https://www.roblox.com/groups/5606884/Zood-Studios#!/about

Message me on Devforum your portfolio

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Edited: No longer looking for collaborators, thanks!

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I’m a programmer looking for a 3d modeler (blender) to partner up with me on my current game, Borderline. I think we would have a really high chance at getting accepted given the game is near completed (no seriously it’s basically done lol). I need a modeler who can create low poly assets like weapons, swords and armor (sci fi/retro future aesthetic). If you are interested please dm me here or on discord FlashNAND#1419 :slight_smile:


I can show you more details and we can play latest build, just message me in dm’s.


We are looking for a 3D Modeler / Builder to complete our team! If you are interested please shoot me a message on the devforum or on discord at TDK#0001.

eliphant :smiley: