Sprite Sheet Support

A cool class or system for sprites would be awesome. Currently you have to do shifty stuff with image offset to use a sprite sheet and a new system could allow for much easier use of sprite sheets. Another alternative would be the the introduction of folders in the game decal system to allow for more organization. I’m not so keen on uploading 300 different images into one big unorganized folder :frowning:

Erm – that’s kind of what spritesheets are. Since they’re strung out, you kind of have to do “shifty stuff” to switch sprites. Do you mean just making it easier to use, i.e. telling it the width/height of the sprites and then being able to refer to them by sprite 1, sprite 2, sprite 3, etc?

Yeah. Like having an api made for sprite sheets that allows for the developer to easily get the sprites out of the sheet.

Are you requesting a way to save the position for each individual sprite in your sprite sheet? If so, just save a table or Vector2’s with the ImageRectOffset/Size of each sprite.

I’m fully aware of that. I’m just requesting a better, integrated way to handle sprite sheets as opposed to having to manually offset positions on entire images saved to a gui.

Merely wrote a script to pack a bunch of images into a single image and create a ModuleScript which, given an image name, returns the offsets. I recommend that approach because it’s pretty easy to implement.


I don’t think he released it, I’d ping him on Twitter and ask him about it.

How could sprite sheets be any more user friendly than setting the size and offset? I don’t see any room for improvement that isn’t super niche.

Just a service that would manage the images you give it and would return actual small images when you called it with the sheet and a position. It would allow for decals to use sprite sheets and it would make it easier to use sprite sheets with guis.

ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize for Decals and Textures.

Sprite sheets are already comfy and easy to wear