Sprite's 2D Multiverse Roleplay | CHANGELOG

Sprite's 2D Multiverse Roleplay is currently discontinued for a new version of the game. There is no ETA for when the new version will release at this time.

What's New (V0.8) (09/09/2023)

  • Added Premium exclusive cosmetics
    • Some cosmetics will have the Roblox Premium icon next to their name when clicked on in the Cosmetic list. If you have Premium, you will be able to puchase the item for free or for a set of money.

Previous Versions

What's New (V0.7) (09/05/2023)

  • Added Joshie

    • Joshie, the AI Chatbot for Sprite’s 2D Mutliverse Roleplay can be chatted with at anytime at the Park of Sprite location

    :information_source: Please keep in mind that Joshie is an experimental feature and can generate inappropriate or inaccurate AI responses.

  • Happy 2K visits!

    • Use code 2KVISITS in-game for a 2K Visits Trophy cosmetic

What's New (V0.6.1) (09/01/2023)

  • Added a new X code

    • When you use code BACKTOSCHOOL2023, you will get a Backpack cosmetic along with 50 in-game cash

    • This code expires on September 30, 2023

  • Minor bug fixes

What's New (V0.6) (08/28/2023)

  • Added Roleplay Mode

    • If you are running Roblox using Bloxstrap and you have Activity Tracking enabled, it will show up as a Discord Rich Presence!


  • Minor bug fixes

I am currently aware of an issue where the RPC will not update correctly. I will be activately looking for a solution. :white_check_mark: This issue has been resolved in new servers!

Version 0.5 (08/26/2023)

  • Added a codes system

    • Follow s2dmrp on X (Twitter) for more codes!
  • Birthday event conclusion

Version 0.4 (08/20/2023)

  • Added a save slot system

Version 0.3 [BIRTHDAY EVENT] (08/19/2023)

  • Happy birthday, Sprite! Added an exclusive birthday quest

  • Added 2 new cosmetics

    • Birthday Cake

    • Fireworks (:robux_light: 15 per launch)

  • Added the ability for Spatial Voice users to join voice-only servers [EXPERIMENTAL]

  • Added Screenshot Mode, allows players to take really unique screenshots

Version 0.2 (08/01/2023)

  • Enabled face tracking support


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