Staff should be more active in all areas of feedback given by the community (within the forum)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to speak to staff who actually will be active in both positive/neutral feedback. But also negative.

Usually staff here lean towards more of the positive/neutral feedback instead of focusing on the actual issues given by negative.

They usually only respond when they have an actual solution for a problem, or in other cases are receiving neutral/positive feedback. They’re already actually surprisingly active in this section of feedback, which I was surprised about when I first joined the forum. Then I realised that they don’t actually address real issues however. Which leads to alot of our real problems being ignored for ages.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because more issues of mine and other developers will be solved. Being active on the positive side is great and all but our issues usually lean towards the negative-feedback side.


Hey there, what situations are you referring to exactly? Can you post some example threads?

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Absolutely! And thank you for the response, I was surprised a staff member actually would:

As you can see in this topic, many developers have responded to the changes. And quite alot is negative, yet the staff are not quite active here. Even though we really need some sort of response to such a drastic change (even more so considering the topic basically flat out ignored every developers’ feelings on the update and basically just said “we’re going to update no matter what”). Compared to let’s say, the new UI revamp for studio:

In this topic, when the topic had received alot of positive feedback. There was a staff member being quite responsive and engaging alot with the community, he made around 76 posts in that one! Which makes me believe someone sends out one moderator to respond to alot of the good feedback given to boost morale even higher. Although it’s great, our real issues would lie on something like my topic above.

I can include more examples if you wish me to, as I have more I can name. Not all of them are particularly related to “community feedback” necessarily. But whether the topic that requires a staff member’s attention is positive/neutral/negative.


But even if let’s say, staff weren’t active in both areas. That’s probably even worse. So either way, whether they’re leaning to one side or not. I can safely say staff member activity needs to increase, especially when related to announcements like the one that I mentioned that have received tons of negative feedback. Because that’s when staff attention is required the most, as the community needs answering.

Also I saw the edit that you notified me about for my topic I think, and you highlighted the top bit. I’m assuming you mean that I should post it in #feature-requests? However, I am mainly talking about staff members being active within the forum. So it’s a forum feature I’d say personally. (not necessarily a roblox feature)

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Thanks for the example. I can give some generic comments but I cannot comment specifically on that ads change as I don’t work on that team and don’t have context. Please take the below as generically applicable comments.

I think generally speaking, as a company we need to balance between many different concerns. We try to strike the best balance and it’s good to remember you might not be the only stakeholder affected by a change. Other groups of creators/users might benefit from the change or the changes may be necessary to achieve other benefits for the community (e.g. freeing up engineering time, or cost savings so we can make more impact elsewhere, or deprecating one feature to make space for another feature, etc.).

There’s not always going to be a satisfying response possible on your announcement replies for that reason, especially if we would just be repeating information from the first post of the announcement. Just because there is no reply to your post does not mean that your feedback is not being read, we do take sentiment and replies on an announcement into consideration.

Even if the sentiment on an announcement is low, please keep in mind that for reasons I mentioned before + reasons mentioned in the announcement itself, we may not always be able to fully satisfy your feedback because the changes may be necessary for the health of the platform or for the benefit of some of the groups of users.

I’ll mention internally your feedback on announcement replies but just keep the above in mind!

The staff member in that thread is the product manager for Studio, not a moderator. They are replying because they have a genuine interest in participating there (because they own Studio work internally). There is no sort of ulterior motive here outside of that, they want to make Studio better.

Outside of #updates:announcements and #bug-reports and #feature-requests, it’s staff members’ discretion how they participate. Some product managers and engineers might participate in random topics in #development-discussion but most of the time we do not really follow this category very closely. Please do not expect active replies from staff members in the discussion/support categories – these are primarily for you as creator community to use and discuss among yourself.


I understand where you are coming from, but I do believe that staff should be more active on the forum. To reply and straighten things out about announcements for example, sometimes just making a pre-rehearsed topic isn’t enough of a proper response to the community.


It’s important for staff to be careful about what they say and when they say it because what they say reflects on the platform and the company as a whole. They represent Roblox. That’s why they have to be so cautious.