StandardDoor | Builder Portfolio (UPDATED 2/7/2021)

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Hello! I’m StandardDoor. I specialize in music composition and building! I’ve been building on Roblox for about 3 years, and music composition for 1 year. I can also make meshes and mainly prioritize making builds realistic.




I’m available almost all week for about 5-7 hours. You can also contact me at any time.



I cannot accept PayPal as of now but BTC and Robux can work as payments, with the building I want to be paid for each build/model, and with music production, I would like to be paid per song.



You can contact me on here, any of the options listed below.

Discord: StandardDoor#1291
Twitter: @StandardDoor

Thanks for taking the time to read my portfolio :grin:

(Must be 13+)


I would recommend lowering your music price if you hope to attract potential buyers in that area.


Hi Standard,

The two photos you attached under Showcases are well taken. They’re of nice quality and show off lighting and decor, but I’m unsure if it’s the type of render you used or if you enabled after-effects.

If you’re looking to find employment as a builder, you may want to provide more examples of architecture, rather than terrain work. Interior design, architecture, map layout, are all areas you could show examples of in order to portray yourself as someone with versatility. Low-poly builds would also be a nice garnish for your portfolio. You might consider adding more example photos so we can get a better idea of what you can do.


Love the meshes and that first picture! Really looks next level. :slight_smile:


I fully have to agree with @SolelySoul. I replied to a post regarding this as well:

Showcasing small items, and that small map really doesn’t portray the image of Wow, this man is versatile and always gets the job done! Your building skills are not bad at all, but I really recommend you build 2-3 fully structured maps.

Focusing a lot on one small build has some down-sides too:

  • slow game performance
  • and if you’re going to spend that much time and effort on a build that small, the employer may receive delays, and for a large-scale project—you’ll be drained out.

I understand you’re trying to show you can build in high detail, but add more maps.

Your building skills are not bad. :+1: :clap:

Honestly surprised no one mentioned the lack of compositions in what is partly a music composition portfolio. Do you have a Soundcloud that you could link in your post? I would love to listen to some of your work!

There are two links underneath the build images with auto-download links to two example tracks (auto-download concerns me—not sure if there’s a rule regarding that or not).

Thanks, no clue how I managed to pass by them without noticing. As for the auto-download links, none of the Developer Forum Rules prohibit their use.

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Sorry for the concern about the auto-download, all I did was upload the .mp3 to the post and it got made automatically into a link.

Reopened, looking for work to do

Hi there, I always enjoy listening to the compositions of fellow developers here on this fantastic platform, let me quickly analyze and critique your compositions real quick.

Your musical selections are acceptable but short and undeveloped at most. If you want to grow to your full potential in composition (which I know you can), you will need to extend your musical field of genre, length of compositions, and overall compositional style. Currently, you need an in-depth musical knowledge in order to write more advanced music, which is where you will most likely progress to soon.

Your strongest piece currently is the first one, “Destination”. For the style, it is acceptable. Your average player won’t mind it, but it is structurally weak overall. There is plenty of potential, let me break it down for you.

Chords and Voice-Leading

  • Currently, the Chordal Structure is weak. The whole piece is set in G Major starting with the Tonic Scale-Degree [ I ] and switching back and forth from that to the Leading Tone [ vii* ]. So your Chord analysis sheet would like something like this:
    [ I ] → [ vii*] → I ] → [ vii*] → I ] → [ vii*] → I ] → [ vii*] → I ] → [ vii*] → I ] → [ vii*] → and so on…
    Not particularly exciting is it? Let me help you out with some common Progressions:
    [ MAJ - iii → vi → [ii <-> IV] → [V <-> vii*] → I ]
    [ min - III → VI → [ii* <-> iv] → [v <-> VII] → i ]
    Because your piece is in a Major key, (G), why don’t we take the usual I to vii*, but from I again, we can go back to ii. This will create the illusion of going back to vii*, by taking advantage of the common tone between the chords (A & C) we can simulate vii* for about two measures before following the Chord Progression to possibly V and then I. Actually we can create some variation and make the V and seventh chord. Looking good so far!


  • When I mentioned your potential earlier with this particular piece, I meant potential for progressing the music itself. You have a very strong base to work off of. Your ability to use motives and phrases are expertly managed. But, you can give it a little push. From the vii* Chord that I mentioned earlier, we can actually modulate to D Major, due to its similarity to G Major (tonic). D Major is actually the Dominant Chord of G Major, which works out perfectly.

Aside from everything technical, all you need is a strong work ethic to power through the Chord Notations, which was the biggest issue. Everything else is great, I can tell that you are very talented in this field. Keep up the great work!


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