STAR WARS Graphics Designer

STAR WARS Quick Graphics Designer Task

Hello, my name is Catxtrophic. I am looking for a quick graphics maker to make 10 group logos, Possibly an ad or two, and stay in contact with me for our eventual game launch for stuff like thumbnails.

  • You will be asked to use Armour/ Stormtrooper armour, etc.
  • Must follow a design I discuss with you via dms, or if your very creative, you could think of one.
  • NOT Looking for pre-made logos as they are most likely stolen,


Paying 10-20$ per logo, Maybe 10-30 for the ad,
If you strictly take robux, I can offer quite a small amount as I am limited to 12k robux which is meant to be for advertisements,
If you are exceptional at the job, I am able to offer you a game percentage for our upcoming game, this will of course, require monthly add-ons to thumbnails, Possible new groups, etc.

Additional Information

Please do not message me if you believe you aren’t up for the task. I am looking for the highest of quality, an example of a known designer can be disclosed in dms.

Contact me at:
JCS#2554 ( discord)
CatxtrophicRBLX ( Twitter)

Final reminder this will either be a very quick job, or you can work for us full time if you are exceptionally quick and effective in the field.


I did make a Star Wars thumbnail in the past.

I only accept robux however, more pricing info can be found below.

Question though, is there a time limit or anything?


Isn’t Star Wars copyrighted? I’m not sure if this is allowed.

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I’ve seen a very big bunch of groups doing this same sorta theme and style, Nonetheless I still provide a disclaimer in my group that Disney do indeed own rights to whatever imagery or assets I recreate from them.

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I still do not believe you should risk investing hard work and time into a game that could be removed for copyright.

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The Star Wars Genre has been around since 2012 if not earlier, MULTIPLE co operations between ROBLOX and Star Wars have been accomplished, the most recent being the creator challenge commemorating Disneys ‘‘The Rise of Skywalker’’. If Star Wars wanted to take action, I believe they would have, and this is a discussion for another section in the forum


Ah, alright. I just was a bit concerned about using characters and concepts from it.


So…are you interested in my offer?

I get that it takes time to go through applications and how hard it is to manage a group, but a Yes/No/Busy answer would be useful information instead of being left in the dark.

Not trying to annoy you, just letting you know that applicants should get a response back.

Even if don’t get the job, I still wish the project good luck and hope it succeeds.


Interested! DM me at kirs#0004 to negotiate.

Thanks to everyone who applied, I found someone quite quickly and their work was quite astonishing. For others who applied, I will be commissioning something similar quite possibly!


Who is it? 30characters

Not sure it is my job or a mandatory ‘contract’ to release private information like that. It is 100% up to my graphics maker if he wants to release this information but privacy wise, I won’t release it.

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