Star Wars Map Feedback [2]


A constructed map by me.
The genre of this game lies within the Star Wars genre.
I created this map as a “Star Wars; Jedi Temple.

That includes of course an exceptionally looking exterior with several environmental models and ancient looking temple, which is also used as an academy for newly recruits.

Essentially the theme of the map is; “high poly.

What are your thoughts?
What should I improve- is there anything to improve specifically?


Looks amazing. Better than I’ll ever be able to build.

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I appreciate your comment. :smile:
I assure you anyone can do what I can do, you as well, it just requires a little time to get there. :sweat_smile:


This looks really cool! The only thing that throws me off a bit is how the archive shelves are so angled - I think it fits in with the rest of the build but there might be a better way to do them that fits even better. Keep up the awesome work!

Any recommendations on how I should have it then? I’d like to keep this map as decent as I am capable of doing. :sweat_smile:


It definitely looks amazing! Keep up the great work!

It looks amazing! But I have a few questions.

  1. Did you use the Roblox parts or Blender?
  2. If so how many parts did it take?
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waw really interesting,Good Idea

Nice, colors are a bit bland though.

Love the temple it looks amazing and is very realistic!

Fascinating, realistic, ambient overall and very detailed. I love that map and respect you for taking much time and effort to create something like this.

Thank you for the positive feedback. :slight_smile:

I used actually both, the majority of the detailed assets were produced essentially through blender.
Whatever that had less detail, less worked required to put in were ROBLOX parts, e.g. the ground.
I haven’t checked how many parts in total, I’ll respond to you as soon as I do. :slight_smile:


Unfortunate to hear that. I felt like it fit with the whole theme, what would you recommend? :wink:

I appreciate these positive feedbacks you give me. :smile:
It really does motivate me to continue such creations.


Add more detail its too undetailed.

Alr no, This is genuinely a great build. You could add some props but i have no idea what this map is supposed to be. yes, I never watched starwars.

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Pretty nice. No one could ever say anything negative to this.

Where in specifically are you looking at, and what details would you be recommending?
I’m not sure if I should do more details than I already have.

I’ve also added several props within the interior and exterior?
Please be more specific.


Haha, I appreciate your comment. :smile: I did put effort into this.


This looks actually fascinating.
Once you add sound ambience to this game it will be actually amazing!! :smile:

A script you could run to calculate it quickly.

local partsAmount

for _,descendant in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants) do
    if descendant:IsA("BasePart") then
        partsAmount += 1

print("you got "..partsAmount.." parts inside your game")

Note, don’t play, instead run the game, because it might mess up the script.
Parent the script to Workspace/ServerScriptStorage/ReplicatedStorage, but don’t parent it to ServerStorage as scripts won’t run inside of it.

Very nice, only thing that could be improved a bit is the concrete walls. The hallways with the yellowish concrete walls look a bit plain right now, you could add things like stone decay and maybe some vines/plants.

Wow!! This looks so cool. I love the detail throughout the temple and the Republic logo in the middle XD. Great job!!! I’m a SW fan so one day I hope I can achieve this level for a game :grin:

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Appreciate your feedback. :smiley: