Start page fails to load games when scrolling

This bug has happened in the previous version of studio, however, I am unable to reproduce the issue in the current version of studio with the bug mentioned below.
When scrolling on the start page, the start page does not always load new games and sometimes completely fails to load games, often requiring a studio restart (or if you have the DebugStartPageRefreshOnF5 fast flag, pressing F5 fixes the issue)

I’m not sure when this has started happening, but it has been occasionally occurring for me for a while, and, it was related to my other report which reminded me of it:

This also seems to effect the start page if there is no scroll bar, sometimes making it impossible to load more games under the right conditions.


  1. Open studio (The DebugStartPageRefreshOnF5 fast flag is useful for testing this behaviour)
  2. Scroll through your games until you encounter a load issue (in which case no apparent error is shown), and if you don’t, restart studio (Or, with the fast flag enabled, press F5)
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Hello. We’ve been unable to reproduce this issue - can you please confirm whether it still occurs? Thanks!

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this anymore due to this similar bug I reported which you had responded to a little while earlier. (I can’t get enough places to display to be able to scroll in one go)

If I can find a way to reproduce it I will update you. I believe both bugs may either be the same bug or at least may have similar causes/solutions.

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