StarterCharacter, StarterCharacterScripts & StarterHumanoid

With the latest release of ROBLOX, we’ve enabled a set of new objects that will help make creating games with custom characters and character behavior easier than ever before.

The following new objects under the StarterPlayer service add additional functionality to the Player’s character as they are created entering the game or after respawning.

StarterCharacter [Class Model]
All objects placed inside this model will be copied to the Character model of each Player as they join the game or respawn after death. These objects will be loaded in place of the default character that is sent from the website.

StarterCharacterScripts [Class StarterCharacterScripts]
All Script or LocalScript objects placed inside this object will be copied into the Character model of each Player as they join the game or respawn after death. If any scripts named ‘Sound’, ‘Health’, or ‘Animate’ are found inside this object, they will replace the default scripts inside the character with the ones included in this object.

StarterHumanoid [Class Humanoid]
A copy of this Humanoid object will be copied to the Character model of each Player as they join the game or respawn after death. This can be used to initialize any settings on the Humanoid object such as JumpPower or MaxHealth.


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StarterCharacter has a bug where if it’s set to an empty model and hit play solo, this shows up on screen and errors (as shown).

This is what gets shown in play solo, if I run a player through a server I can get 2 different outcomes, and they seem to happen totally randomly. Either:

  • The empty character model shows up in the workspace, but only the sound script would load (scripts in StarterCharacterScripts would still load fine) and no other roblox assets would be inserted. Seemingly random the top bar wouldn’t be visible or invisible if this case happens.

  • No character model would show up in the workspace at all, and as such nothing would load.

I couldn’t get either behaviors to happen if I supplied a valid character model.

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I tried leaving it as a blank model to see what would happen and I got a Message error when I hopped into Play Solo (ignore Sound error – that’s expected):

Do we need to have certain instances in StarterCharacter for it to work?

Also, aren’t StarterCharacter and StarterHumanoid a little obscure? You have to know what to insert and what to name it exactly. It seems kind of hacky like adding a Camera instance to models explicitly named ThumbnailCamera.

Edit: Just realized I was ninja’d

Does the client disconnect on this error?
Maybe sometimes it disconnects before the character is replicated.

What happens to humanoids and scripts placed in StarterCharacter?


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