StarterGear and Backpack Replication Bug Fix

Hey developers,

StarterGear and Backpack objects under each Player are supposed to replicate to game clients. However due to a bug, the StarterGear and Backpack objects that were automatically created under Player on first join were not being replicated to the joining player (they were being correctly replicated to all other players). This was less noticeable for the Backpack object because that object would be regenerated any time the Player.Character was regenerated. This behavior is unintentional, and we will be releasing a fix in the next few days so that these initial objects will be replicated to all players, no longer excluding the joining Player.

We anticipate that the impact on games from this change will be low, however if your game interacts with the Backpack or StarterGear objects on the client you may observe some changes in behavior. Most games will require no changes to adapt to this change but any code that relies on these objects not being immediately available on the client may need to be changed.

We are planning to make the fix live next Tuesday, 4/28/2020.

The Roblox Team


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Thanks, for letting us know Roblox! This was really helpful of you to post this!


This will help with server workarounds and such to avoid the bug. Who’s laughing now, unoptimized script?

Thanks for the update! :heart:


I noticed that StarterGear was not replicated months ago, I thought it was removed, glad to see that its not removed! :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know about this bug; I also saw this bug before a couple of months ago, but didn’t care that much about it.

It was helpful for posting this!

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Well, this explains a lot.

30-character requirement procurement sentence.


Very well needed fix. Thank you.

Thanks so much for the fix!!

Sometime last year I noticed that StarterGear was randomly missing from my player when testing and was hoping that it wouldn’t have been intentional. Glad to hear it’s coming back as it was affecting my shops a bit.

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So, wait this may be an odd question, Would this affect team tools and the way the tools are given to teams?

So that’s why my backpack gui didn’t function properly, thanks roblox.

@willingnerd can you clarify what team tools you are talking about? I am not familiar with a team tools feature built in to the engine.

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I was just meaning if this was to effect how if I spawned on a certain team, like the script giving me the tools that are for that team?

Any way that you give out items from your script will be totally unaffected by this change if you manually created the Backpack/StarterGear object, or if you were using existing objects that were correctly replicating tools etc to the players. This change will only affect you if you specifically didn’t want a player to get e.g. a Tool even though you were putting that tool in to that Player’s initial StarterGear/Backpack.


Thanks for letting us know, i will notify my fellow developer friends about this too.

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Has this fix been released yet? Just wondering, since I have code pertaining to this that I want to change once this fix is live.

Yes it has been fixed. In the future you should read a post before replying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This was in the post:

Yeah, their wording with “planning” made me think otherwise, also with how unreliable they are with releasing new updates.

Example: the CharacterAdded signal ordering update they promised a year ago which has still not come to fruition.

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