I want a way to remove the jump button from mobile controls. A simple Boolean property in StarterPlayer could be used to toggle whether or not the jump button is visible.

I am aware you can disabled jumping through the humanoid but I want to remove the GUI clutter without implementing my own control scheme. And yes, I know I can just yank out the control scripts and pull out the jump button but it would be a whole lot more useful for another property to be added to StarterPlayer.

Can’t you unbind the jump through ContextActionService? That should remove the button too I think

The jump button doesn’t use the ContextActionService?

If you just want to hide it use:


You can also call the Disable method on the TouchJump module in the ControlScript. However, there might be a race condition where the module is disabled before the core controls enable it.

Edit: Looks like there is. Some sort of asynchronous guess work would be needed.